How to Buy Bitcoins in less than 15 min at Localbitcoins worldwide by Colin Brazendale

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Localbitcoins makes it very easy to exchange you money because you can deal with someone in your country.

You can get you first bitcoin in less than 15 min. Watch the video.

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Shujat Jadoon says:

How to make advertisement on local bitcoins?????????????

SwedenLetsPlays says:

dont you think someone can tray to hack you?

Mjo Business Online says:

Good job, I find it terribly nerve wrecking to make any videos… lol!
Oh how I miss those prices/btc…
Have you ever tried, it used to be bitx.
I've found the price/BTC to be a bit cheaper then localbitcoins and there's no need to search for a trader.
I can send ZAR straight from our local banks and then purchase the BTC from luno.
Only downside is that it can take up to 2 business days to reflect, but I usually get it within 24 hours.
Please feel free to apply invitation code: NCTB9 in promotions tab if you do decide to take it for a test drive, we'll both be rewarded.
Again, good job, hopefully soon I'll join you with these online vids 😉

Colin Brazendale says:

Please comment below with your thoughts. Here is my email: How do you buy Bitcoin?

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