How To Buy Bitcoin P2P with LocalBitcoins

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In today’s video I walkthrough how to buy bitcoin P2P on LocalBitcoins! LocalBitcoins is a P2P marketplace where you can buy and sell bitcoin with other individuals. If you’re interested in LocalBitcoins and want to support the channel, feel free to use my affiliate link:

Here is the video on BISQ I also mentioned:

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3:06 LocalBitcoins & P2P Overview
7:58 LocalBitcoins

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mauna ki'eki'e says:

Hi Ian. Thank you for the nice content. Technically it's not possible to complete your sign-up without providing a real phone number, correct? (because of the SMS verification part.) Or can you?

David Galan says:

Could there be legal problems using this (or even offline) if the other party gets in trouble some how with the IRS or FBI for money laundering ?

David Galan says:

"Unfortunately we are not serving customers located in your current location." – USA

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