How To Buy Bitcoin on Coinbase

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Today I look at using your credit card on Coinbase to buy Bitcoin – both through the website and their app. I also show you how to send bitcoin to an external wallet.

It has been brought to my attention that Canadians can no longer withdraw or hold CAD in their Coinbase accounts. To sell your Bitcoin, I would highly recommend checking out, which I have also done a video on. Here is a link to the Coinbase memo detailing why they can’t currently support CAD:

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Will Mauerhan says:

Great video! I'm from California and I'm considering taking a large position in bitcoin (100k). The concern i have with Coinbase is that I've heard you can only sell i believe $2500 a week? if this is true, how can i take profits quickly if i decide to sell all of my bitcoins at once?

Michael Gordon says:

cna you help with opening an account the is ZERO CUSTOMER SERVICE AND I DO MEAN ZERO wont let us uploasd always saying time expired there has been four of us trying four differenct accounts ans no luck

Michael Gordon says:

cnat open a cionbase account always saying time has expired woold let uploaded id there is no help from support hope this isnt that way when you have money in there is there other companysto use help thanks

mark yegge says:

how do you get onto coinbase?

DotaMakaFo says:

dont buy ) make it )) join now ank make 6% daily

Gabriel Hill says:

Question. On the complete charge verification screen that comes up, I don't understand the way they want us to enter the amount of money.

Scott Gable says:

Hi Ben, I'm a Coinbase user here in South Central Pennsylvania, USA. I buy 'em then send them to my Trezor for nailed-to-the-floor security. Just want to let you know that I love your friendly and positive attitude. Keep up your good work.

Anthony Crisp says:

Your Bitcoin vids rock — educational, entertaining and easy to understand. Thanks!

dale p says:

I did a bitcoin transaction for .24 and it cost me .35 and I did another transaction for $20.35 and it cost me only .32 in fees. Why would it cost more money for a smaller transaction. The transactions were only a week apart ( last week )

Andy Anderson says:

my son has been trying to set up an account on coinbase but he's having no luck. are they having trouble keeping up with there traffic or what? I've seen other comments with the same problem.

Terry Marquis says:

I was using coinbase and i also from Canada more specifically Toronto, and you can not sell bitcoin in Canada I have tried using my credit card. Also coinbase send me a link to my response to them why i can not sell bitcoin using coinbase for Canadian Dollars

Royce Saunders says:

What would you recommend? to buy Bitcoin through coinbase and save it let it grow overtime as Bitcoin price goes up (which I find tht to be slow) or trade it through a broker what do you recommend?

Felix DuBois says:

for a long time I was seeing this about BitCoin but I had no idea of what they were talking about and since at the time not that many people could tell You what it was and what was going to happen and also that I had no idea of how to get them or how to do it etc etc….
That is a real disadvantage at the beginning of things but whatever. Shit happens!

shussipushi says:

Shit, you've got a lot of bitcoins haha.

SlayerX says:

I've followed you and bought bitcoin on coinbase and made paper wallet. Now I'm stuck because what if  the time comes I want to put my balance of paper wallet back in my coinbase account and sell it? I've tried finding answer but think most videos forgot to tell us newbies how to do that.

Miguel Torrellas says:

Boooo coinbase

Isai Mireles says:

thinking about buying bitcoins on coinbase but when i saw that the us government wants them to hand over members info to the IRS no thank you for me i dont want that kinda info going around

Aakash Deep says:

Indians are still deprived of buying or selling btc via coinbase, nice V.log Ben.
Let's have next V.log on MARGIN TRADING / Trading restrictions by PBOC.
PS. I love that Canada background #itsawesome

Colorado Bitcoin says:

Though I know you have done this in the past, it might be wise to point out that a user should visually verify the first AND last digits of a public address whenever they're dealing with bitcoin transactions. There is malware that will intercept and change addresses in the clipboard, or they may have otherwise pasted a different address than expected.

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