How To Buy Ad Packs in Merchant Shares – Updated – Must See!!!

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Join Merchant Shares:

Merchant Shares recently changed their business model from an investment company to a revenue sharing program. So now you are able to buy ad packs, view ads and then earn from them. They have different ad packs to choose from ranging to Bronze – $20 per ad pack, to Premium – $100 per ad pack. You get a return of 150% per ad pack and a minimum per day to earn for an ad pack is 0.25% and maximum is 2.25% per day.

If you are not in Merchant Shares yet click on this link to join: You will be on my team and I will endeavour to assist wherever you may need my assistance.

If you have any questions leave them in the comments below.
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Why did they suspend my account and uptil now no reply to my ticket complaint over a month?!!!!! I just join about 4 months ago now i am hearing stories now. Is this not scam.

Shahbaz Ali says:

sir please tell me MS return 150% in 2month

تجار نت says:

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Mike Balding says:

You buy 2 add packs, why did you only have to view 25 ads, and not 50? How do that work? If you buy 2 bronze, and 2 gold, do you have to view the bronze and gold ads? Im just confused a little. Please help.

Pera Perica says:

In 3:28 You are saying "transferring your earnings PER MONTH". On the official site stands "Transfer: Its refers to the maximum number of transfer of the profit from the Ads views UNTIL EXPIRED."

Can You explain this? Thanks!

fat yeet says:

Superb vid, dropped a like & sub 😀

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