How To Build An Affiliate Site Without Doing All The Work 🤑

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I’ve broken down everything I did in order to build, launch and grow a brand new affiliate site to over $3500/mo in profit in simple step-by-step format… It’s 100% beginner friendly and of course, it’s yours 100% free… Because my lifestyle is supported by my affiliate sites NOT from selling you courses… 👍

My tools & process revealed!

You may want to copy and paste this description to a notepad file on your computer as it has links to all of the resources, tools and free affiliate tranings mentioned in this video!

Although they are not all affiliate links below, you should just assume they are all affiliate links below and you should assume I get a commission if you sign up…

You don’t pay any more either way, this is how I support my channel and this is the income that replaces advertising on my videos so you don’t have to sit through annoying ads before getting my great content.

Remember, the only reason I recommend these exact sites and platforms is because these are the ones that I personally use.

First step is to choose your niche and build your site.

Now, the first idea here is that you can outsource the niche selection process without buying a website from these folks. Visit both of these sites now:

You will find that you are able to look through their available sites and their past sold sites to see what kinds of niches they are recommending.

If you are totally bootstrapped just choose a niche idea based on their research and go build your website from scratch.

I show you exactly how to build your own website in this step-by-step tutorial:

Next step is to get your keyword research done. As explained in the video you can get your affiliate marketing keywords researched by this team here:

If you would prefer to build the skill of researching keywords, this video reveals my professional process for researching keywords:

If you would prefer a free keyword research tool that allows you to research keywords at zero cost, watch this video here:

After completing your keyword research it is time to get onto outlining your review post and researching for the specific products.

This research can take a ton of your time and I recommend hiring and training a virtual assistant to help with this process.

If you are going to do this all yourself, or when you are ready to train your VA, here is the video tutorial that teaches how to complete this affiliate marketing review post research:

The resources I share for hiring your virtual assistant are: for hiring inexpensive virtual assistants in the Philippines. for hiring more expensive virtual assistants in North America or Europe.

Next we get to the most important part which is the writing process.

My team and I have struggled to find competent writers who show up consistently and don’t charge a crazy amount of money for affiliate blog posts.

When you are able to effectively outsource the content creation for your affiliate site you have the ability to scale your one website or many websites.

It is difficult for me to put into words how large of a challenge this has been for my team and I to figure out and today I’m excited to share our solution:

You can get a two week free trial from this platform and they will help you connect with great writers plus you get the full project management system to keep all of your different content jobs on track regardless of how many writers you hire.

I walk you through the process of researching writers, hiring writers, and how to leverage their AI system so it finds the writers who create the type of content you desire for your site.

There is no platform out there like this…

If you need further help with your affiliate marketing website, watch this training next:


Melodee Lucido says:

You rock Miles!! Thank you so much :-* And THANK YOU for no ads!!!!!!

Lisa Cole says:

Hi Miles, First, I love all of the content you publish! So very valuable! I’m curious – I’ve checked out the two different providers of DFY revenue generating sites. One of the providers you listed here has an aged site that’s slightly aligns to my target audience/niche. Two questions: 1) would you consider a site if it will require some “evolution” or “refinement” to become closely aligned or would you suggest starting fresh with one that is closely aligned from the start? 2) when you look at site performance and revenue target, what do you think is a good time to break even for the investment? For example, if the site costs $5800 and currently appears to be generating $50/month – would you consider it knowing that an ROI without significant effort to accelerate performance is unlikely? (What’s a reasonable expectation here?)

Raiyyan Sj Khan says:

The affiliate website are too expensive…and also i am a beginner?

Pedro Perez says:

what a great video, thank you so much!!!

Pictures With Stories says:

Miles, have you taught about KGR?

Paul Shimizu says:

Love all your content, Miles! I'm just starting a blog and I'm leaning towards using SBI. Is SBI still a good choice? HUGE thanks!

Ryan Montgomery says:

Miles your one of the best marketers I follow:) My question? do you have an update to building funnel with thrive themes I did buy A-2 hosting through your affiliate link just to let you know:)

Ryan Montgomery says:

A great shortcut to buying a website:) But no better feeling for me than creating something from nothing having the pride knowing I built the damn thing with instruction of course lol! 🙂

Megan's Media says:

And I love your massive crystals in the background

Megan's Media says:

Miles, can you possibly do a video about the legal pages we should have on our blogs and the best way to get/write them? Or can you reccomend any resources on the topic?

jacob walters says:

Hi Miles I am finished with setup and all domain names however when I try to use the Dashboard URL for WordPress it doesn't work do you have any solutions for this?

j c says:

do you suggest a different platform than wordpress?

Michael Bryant says:

Oh and just thanks man.

Michael Bryant says:

I may have an investor and I have the knowledge (thanks to you and experience). What would seem fair for an asking price or % of aff profits? If I go this expedient route? Weird question I know.

Olivia Wilhelmina Ruiz says:

Thank you Lord for this man!

natalie sims says:

I never got my Softaculous email while setting up WordPress. I tried to navigate through it, but I’m not having any success.

Wilson Lo says:

Hey Miles,great content as always!One question here is that do your suggested tools suitable to be used in Asian market with Chinese language?Im from Hong Kong and so would like to know if you have any experience in doing business with the Asian markets?

Felipe Garcia says:

This is gold. I have my niche and domain but stuck on the writing. We'll def use your writers resource.

Christie Stump says:

I'm sure this is considered cheating but is there a way to post an amazon ideas list or wishlist on a wordpress site with an affiliate link… so you can just add things to a list without painfully adding links all day and aggravating your carpel tunnel?

Adalyd Gracia-Oliveras says:

What about if you have a Blog already and you want to start affiliates?

Sitaram Behera says:

Like from india

Soul Relaxation says:


i did not find an answer to the question on the faq. so here they are?

1. the estimated monthly earning of the site, is it what the site pays the former client right?

that means all affiliate links belong to the old owner?

so now even with all the content? it still has all the former owner's affiliate links and accounts attached to them?

so how do I earn/benefit from buying if I cannot change the links to be mine?

really need to get how this works

Soul Relaxation says:

Hi, love your videos, what do you have for people in Africa eg Nigeria


Excellent! Thank you!

House of Productivity says:

Hi Miles – the amount you mentioned here is 70-80 – is this an update from your 2020 Beginners Guide which mentions 40? I guess I have to watch again to see what’s happened. Thanks always and another video completed!

Armandine Jacotin says:

Really providing light in the darkness!

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