How To Bounce Back After A Breakup | EXTREME Makeover Transformation

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We broke up: A few weeks ago, I was engaged. I was a fiancé ready to get married to the love of my life. Fast forward just a little bit…and here we are. There are so many stages we go through when we separate from someone. My goal for this series is to help anyone who knows they should breakup with someone, by showing you that you will survive this. This is also to help anyone who is going through this process already. This has been one of the hardest years of all of our lives. However, I think sharing my story and journey with you guys will be a comfort to anyone who is in a similar situation. We are in this together. I love you guys.

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Awarness&i says:

I’m getting out of a 10 year relationship and the waves of emotions that come is something that is possible to ride!!!! Thankyou for being vulnerable! I’m a bounce back after this!

Nomu Nomu says:

Anyway he was too ugly for you

H T says:

Omg I love Shallon!!!

LittleMissPDX says:

Hey, just wanted to reach out and send some support. But girl, getting spa treatments and cellulite treatments isn't going to heal you from this breakup. Especially because you've had so much done already, and you talk about having regrets and realizing you liked your natural face better. You're so young, I wonder why you feel like you have to do so much, getting engaged, buying the house, getting all these treatments, I feel like theres something going on. Maybe because Ive been there myself. Your videos have been a little hard to watch lately because I feel that theres something much bigger going on with you. I truly wish you the best, and just relax, you dont have to do so much to earn anyones love. You deserve love exactly how you are.

Melanie Southworth says:

Did she say… to exfoliate….. everyday?! @hyram is quaking

Kelly Spacapan says:

What was the name of the spa you went to?

Anika Reilander says:

We love you Alana! Don’t listen to people who pretend they know more about your life than you do. ❤️

Alanna Star Bannister says:

Girl when one door closes a new and better one always opens. Everything happens for a reason, you’re gonna look back on this time in your life like 5 years from now and be shook. You’re an inspiration fr fr

Watermelon Mal says:

Lmao i knew you watched her!!! Ha i have to unsubscribe now, bye.

Emily Pitoniak says:

I’m here for this series❤️❤️ Thank you, this video helps so much!

Janely Rod says:

The only thing I can suggest after a break up is to NOT FEEL BAD FOR YOURSELF! Yes be sad at first & feel your feelings but Self pity won’t let you bounce back when it’s needed ❤️

bellamily says:

My dad is a doctor and isn’t anti plastic surgery. But he has always, always said that fillers are the absolute worst. Don’t get them. Don’t jump on that band wagon. It’s actually sad how normal it got for even teenagers to get it…Glad to see alana is getting over them as well. And béfore she messed up her absolute drop dead gorgeous face. Because that’s what fillers do, they mess you up.

Ps Alana, I really like you and I am so sorry you are dealing with such hardships…

Sensei Cat says:

Ur beautiful as always

Bella asdfghjkllkjkjhhfdut says:

Don't use physical exfoliants!! Use chemical exfoliants!! Physical exfoliants damage the skin, chemical exfoliants can be harsh when used everyday but they are the best option. The tugging too with physical exfoliants isn't good for the skin either. It creates microtears in the skin, even face wipes cause them. Plus it only gets the top layer, not everything in the pore.

Harriet Stone says:

I was watching this video (I was in what I thought was a happy relationship) just because I love Alana and I watch all her videos and wanted to see how she was doing and then ironically three hours later got dumped by my boyfriend :/ fun times. Hope Alana is doing ok❤

MF says:

You hair looks beautiful with layers

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