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Get The Full “How To Blog” Course 100% FREE, Here! – NO fluff – NO B.S. – NO Sales Pitches! Learn how to start a blog that makes money! Description is FULL of free blogging trainings & resources!

If you have not started your blog yet, the process to actually build and launch your blog is simple. I walk you through how to start your blog in this free tutorial –

If you don’t understand the big picture about how to make money online, you will need to go through this training here, too –

Most people who have not yet started their blog are holding off because they don’t feel confident in what niche to choose… Get my full “how to choose a profitable niche” training here:

Once you have chosen your niche and setup your blog based on those links above, it is time to get to work… And the work for blogging is creating the kinds of blog posts that attract attention, readers, links and customers.

This is the process you will learn in this free blogging training, today. This is part 1 of a 3 part video series where you will learn different blog post templates and post types that will work as a successful blogging framework for you to follow as you grow.

One of the biggest keys to keep in mind on your path to making money blogging is that everyone running a successful blog today started with very humble beginnings.

This video looks behind the scenes of 5 blogs each making over one million dollars per year more to help you understand what it takes to become a full time blogger online –

You will also learn a few free market research tools that will allow you to analyze your blog competitors so you can properly track their success blogging and mimic what worked for them.

And to help you avoid the most common blogging mistakes that most people make (that can totally deflate you or overwhelm you) I made this top 10 blog mistakes video –

Last but not least… We need to talk about affiliate marketing’s role in making money as a blogger. Some bloggers are so passionate about a topic they just want a platform to write from… If that’s you, great. That is how my wife and I started her first blog that is super successful today.

Blogging about a topic you are passionate about or a topic you have expertise in will help you create powerful and unique content that your audience will love.

But what if you aren’t passionate about a topic? Well you can still make money blogging through affiliate marketing.

I break down the entire process of building a successful affiliate marketing blog in this video here-

And if you are curious how much money you can make through blogging in your first year, here is a case study from a 1 year affiliate marketing blog build I put together last year –

You will get to see exactly how much money the blog made in it’s first year from the income report and you will also learn how much traffic the blog gets and how many blog posts we published.

This will give you better perspective on what it takes to make a successful blog and help you with any possible doubts if you are still wondering if you can make money blogging.

At this point, I recommend you click the subscribe button and click the bell if you want to get access to part 2 of this free how to blog training and my future videos as they are released.

Also pop into the comments and let me know what you think about this training.I appreciate the comments and I appreciate you.


Miles “Helpful Blogger” Beckler


Miles Beckler says:

After you finish this training, if you want to see what a million dollar blog looks like, watch this video – where I review 5 super-successful blogs and help you understand what it takes to make money blogging.

Jual Disinfektan Surabaya says:

Hi Mike …. is silo stratrgies still works?

Ric McWilliams says:

Great Ideas! Keep it up and just to let you know…I watch every single video to the very end, every time!!

drmatrix99 says:

You've done it again Miles,.thank you. I'm using Thrive themes in anger on my other sites from your other video… now this

Fiona Sharn says:

Miles, when I start my blog are there any legal agreements I should toput in place such as an NDA if I were to use a virtual assistant, affiliates etc, to protect myself from intellectual property theft or for Coaching agreements to avoid legal implication related to using and owing content created by others, while also stating my right to use other people's content in my own marketing and promotions since I did not write the guest post?

Carl Trabado says:

Thanks for the free content Miles.

I wish I could work as a VA for you. I think its the best way I can learn more about blogging hands on while providing my services.

Caroline Matta says:

Hugely appreciate your videos, Miles, very concise and constructive, easy to follow. Will be ready to start this month! Thanks again!!!

Gary Mason says:

Haha Miles. You crack me up man. At 28mins , in the brits blog post. You say “taking a piss “ that would literally mean you were taking a piss.

It should be taking “the “ piss hahaha

He must have had a chuckle reading that.

I am british BTW

Great content regardless, absolutely love your work

Ang Onorato says:

I swear… I think you are like one of my fav people! Thanks for all this Miles! (And for the ideas for what I learned from you in last weeks' live online, I am now in full creation mode based on ideas I got from that!). Thanks again!

Juan Ordonez says:

Hey Miles thank you for the amazing content! If, by any chance, you would like to translate this into Spanish, please write back and I'd be happy to do it for free. Saludos desde Colombia, un abrazo!

LoverFighterWriter says:

I tried to buy into this course JUST after you closed admission, thank you for sharing the content!

Claire Redfield says:

Thanks, Miles!! This traffic training was everything I needed to boost my morale for building my site. I love the giving back track which ties in with the social track! Writing my blog posts takes 6+ hours and connecting with people takes about that long, too! But the results come in faster than I thought. My first week of implementing the “give back” & socializing techniques that you mentioned got me everything from genuine blog comments, DMs, and followers. Obviously, maintaining the relationships is a whole ‘nother story like you said. But it’s good to know that I’m not doing something that’ll end up being a crapshoot. HUGE THANKS!!

Jersey VanOrden-Miner says:

Miles, every time I feel like quitting, you pop up and encouragement and motivation pushes me. You’re so awesome, I appreciate you so much. You’re a blessing. I appreciate you.

fadi baza says:

thx so much i have told so many people to just watch one video of yours a day and they will learn so much in a short period of time

Straightcutspike says:

Hey Miles! Another killer video! I've started my blog, but I'm not any kind of expert in the niche I've chosen, it's just something I'm passionate about. Is it ok to learn as I go? Ideally I would like to be able to generate money from my blog to put back into actual qualifications that would help me do my dream job, even if it takes 5-10 years!

Tali Jo says:

So cool that you got a Tweet from Ken! (I'm an SBI-er). Love this video! Lots of gems here. I've always wanted to do round-up posts, but was never quite sure how to approach it. I feel like I've got a road map now. Thank you SO MUCH, Miles! 🙂

Amanda McMoney says:

I just SUBSCRIBED & HIT the BELL just to show some some support I respect your message and hopefully this get you and YouTube algorithm I came back in my room your video was playing as a commercial and i was actually interesting I listen to the whole thing

Dude Hack says:

1%, once again, amazing video. Now, I'm wondering if you would mentor me…. Only joking 😉

Mark Ambrose says:

Great advice as always Miles. It puts your constant message of creating audience-desired content into the action of promoting it, building links, and establishing relationships. I shared it and have no doubt it will help those who have the need and interest. Thanks for being awesome! You and Tim Conley are officially on my favorite humans list.

Tarun Kashyap - BloggingPal says:

I like your videos before watching, because you give so much value.

Clayton Griesbach says:

Miles how long would you say it takes you to plan, execute, and publish 1 youtube video

Alejandro Sánchez says:

SO VALUABLE! Thank you Miles!

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