How Much TikTok Paid Me For 1,000,000 Views

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TikTok pays content creators if they are accepted into the TikTok creator fund.
To apply, you’ll need to be 18, have a creator account, have 10,000 followers and 100,000 thousand views in the last 30 days.
Once you get accepted into the TikTok creator fund, you’ll get paid for views.

Views and payments are calculated three days from the date of the views. So there is always a three-day delay.

And payment from TikTok varies greatly based on the audience and type of content you create and post.

I’ll share with you the payment TikTok gave me for a million views and I’ll show you how that payment breaks up daily.

If you want to see how TikTok pay compares to YouTube pay, watch this video.

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Howfinity says:

If you want to see how TikTok pay compares to YouTube pay, watch this video. (and subscribe to this other channel for YouTube tips)

Parusa Kezzo says:

How to get money on tiktok

MC_Traveler says:

I am having more than 2.3M views just in 1 video of mine but my TikTok account doesn't have TikTok Creator Fund. What to do?

fun says:

I have tiktok Monetize accounts already balance in account if you want buy massage me

gOodiDea says:

Tik tok is pointless if you’re looking to get payed


To get creator fund

north sun says:

I published video and got 0,5m views, for this TT paid me only 2$

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