How Much Money I Earn Weekly as an Affiliate Marketer & YouTuber (Income Streams)

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I show you exactly what I make weekly and uncover my income streams as a YouTuber and affiliate marketer. Let’s get into my best online income streams.
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Please note: This income is from YouTube ad revenue and blogs I’ve mentioned on this channel. This does NOT include income from my $100k a month video as that is from a separate blog that I keep private.

Today I want to show you the best income streams I’ve used to make money online. 2020 has been a good year for me when it comes to earnings and I would like to show you whats possible online. This video is not here to brag, I’m going this video to give you motivation. I watched a video like this once and it sparked my online journey.

One of the main passive income streams I get is from affiliate marketing. I get paid every time someone clicks a link in my descriptions or blogs and makes a purchase. This is called a commission and is a great stream of income from home. Another way of earnings some cash is by running ads on your YouTube channel.

The best products to get commissions from are software products. The reason you want to promote these is because they offer a recurring income so it stacks up quick. If you are looking to make some money online in 2020 and get started then watch this entire training!

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*You can assume that I will receive a commission for anything I recommend. Any earnings or income representations are aspirational statements only and results are not typical. There is no guarantee that you’ll receive the same results or any results at all. Your results will depend entirely on your work ethic. These videos are for educational purposes only. Im also not a financial advisor.


Franklin Hatchett says:

Hopefully this helps with motivation :). Only replying to ALL questions!

Brandon Blazejewski says:

Awesome video Franklin I am earning a few dollars a day thanks to you. And I have been posting and giving tips and value about my own journey as well. My goal is to be making $100K per year so I can have my dream home and car, then take care of my family! Keep up the good work and awesome videos my friend.

christine stephenson says:

It's saying this video can't be played

Rene Villalobos says:

Thank you very much Franklin for this Video and all the other ones too, gives me a better idea of whats possible.

Bestie Tips says:

Where to publish that free course

Md Al Jauad Fahim says:

Don't you have other income steam beside MMO niche?

kerenbanget says:

do you get organic traffic to your blog? or do you use paid traffic/ maybe you put videos to direct those traffic to your blog

I Am Thyda Cooking says:

I like your sharing your knowledge and experience on working online

ChrisChuaVids says:

Thanks for the sharing. I hope I can share my experience on youtube like you one day.

Lil Splash says:

Hey franklin, I have a question regarding your affiliate marketing course video. I’ve set up the Facebook quiz through clickfunnels, I can pull up the quiz just fine to test it, but when I get to the end of the quiz and click “click here for video instructions” the link doesn’t take me anywhere. Could you tell me what the problem could be?

nahid I says:

How much money can be made with 1 k you tube view

sky life says:

What I love about this guy is his honesty!

rifat sultana says:

Pls advice which course will be best to proceed affiliate or ecomelites now at covid19

Scissorizer says:

Thanks Frank. Went through the Savage course once, excellent! Now implementing the ideas and am in the big building phase. See ya up there!

Isaac Babji says:

Do you still use expired web 2.0's?

Teresa Delaria says:

You ROCK!!! Thanks for giving SO much! One of these days SOON I'm going to join your team!

Alison Allen says:

I appreciate your honesty. Thanks much!

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