How I work through burnout.

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It’s taken a lot of work to get here, but I’m finally managing my energy and experiencing growth in my business WITHOUT severely burning myself out as an entrepreneur. I wanted to take you along for the ride and show you exactly how I navigate this when I feel those symptoms of burn out creeping in because I hope it saves at least one person from making the same mistakes that caused me to end up in the hospital at the age of 29.

I really hope you find this helpful. If this resonates or you’re feeling the same way, let me know in the chat – let’s talk about it…


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Sunny Lenarduzzi says:

Thanks so much for watching! Join my SECRET group here:

Health Origins says:

Thank you Sunny, great information and a reminder to breathe and be kinder to ourselves ❤️

Cyn Doll says:

Oh how I loved this video!❤️ I needed this!

Best relaxation and meditation says:

Better to rest and enjoy life

Miss Matti says:

Oh, I loved that breathing exercise! I burnt out 10 years ago but I didn't realize it at the time. I couldn't take a break because I had to work and keep going to survive. It's been an ongoing healing journey the past 10 years of embracing "success with ease" and/or "slow success" (and in that enjoy the journey and not focus so much on the destination as I did back then).
I remember when I was dealing with my burnout that someone recommended a book on mindfulness. I remember reading some of the suggested exercises and trying to pay more attention in my daily life – looking at the trees when I walked to the bus or taking time to really be present with my coffee. It was a small but important first step to heal and start to enjoy life more.

jackie campbell says:

I love you Sunny! Thanks for sharing 🙂

Simple Balance | Simple Solutions for Businesses says:

This topic is one that needs to be talked about more often, especially with business owners trapped in the mindset of hustle culture.

I hadn't considered the cycle factor before, but I definitely understand turning to work because it is easier and more comfortable. I had to learn to step away from my to do lists and emails during specific times to encourage myself stay present with the people around me. I love that you start your day reminding yourself of your priorities and focusing on those things and pushing aside items that aren't achieving those in times of low energy. In my last podcast episode we were talking about setting boundaries and the difficulties in doing so, not just with clients, but with ourselves too.

Lauragfit says:

this is one of my fav videos of yours, I was tearing up because I resonated SO much with so many of the things you've said. The cycle syncing info from In the Flo is SUCH A GAME CHANGER – I'm not perfect with it but as I'm working through Authority Accelerator I've been trying to line it up with where I'm at in my cycle. it slows down the process a little bit but it has helped with managing my energy!

Sarah Mac says:

Sunny – I was on the AA call this morning, sitting on the couch with my heating pad in so much pain from my cycle – and now I'm watching this video and can't believe you're talking about it! Thank you for sharing and normalizing this :))

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