How I Used Addictions To Make Millions

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This is how I use dopamine addictions to get myself to do borderline weird levels of work and achieve peak focus

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@matelis5773 says:

Where can I get this exact ambient backround sound in the video? Its crazy cool

@georgeburns8447 says:

I've watched a handful of this guy's videos and he keeps claiming to be worth tens or hundreds of millions of dollars and I'm not buying it.

@andrewright116 says:

I rarely ever leave comments on videos but this is 100% next level advice. Still changing lives in 2024

@Sonofthebeach says:

Thanks dude

@MrCozyHome says:

One of the best advice videos I've seen

@MrCozyHome says:

Genius advice!!!

@kurtdogg2042 says:

you have a very good point bro. why does my brain let me do stupid things (getting better) but doesnt let me do the things i know will advance me? could my traumatic brain damage have something to do with it? ill be asking myself that until i figure it out.

@Chaosbetting says:

Are there some books out there anyone would recommend me reading ? I’d love to study the brain and get more into the ideas he is talking about

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