How I Made $7,059.29 On YouTube Without Making Videos ( Make Money Online )

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How I Made $7,059.29 On YouTube Without Making Videos ( Make Money Online )

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Brett Slansky says:

Great tips again! Thank you Brko. I think now it affiliate marketing is really great way to make money, since most people are staying home…and watch YouTube videos…lol!

Carvetta Cook says:

I would like to learn more on how to make these Top 10 kind of videos

Happiness Mtheo says:

You are completely Successful again Junkywarriors on IG thank you this will be the second time and you make things goes right I really can't explain how good I feel now

Binary Strategy says:

Banks you great we all need to help each other , will defently test your stuff for my users soon

Nordic Millennial says:

Thanks for sharing Brko, I maybe will try this and share the results on my channel

Richest Man says:

money me

wife me

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[Online Income Ideas] - LaptopLifePro says:

* Brko, thanks for the video, the method is solid, but what you are forgetting is that there is a TON of competition, there is not an easy way for your video to be found and getting views, because there are thousands of videos like that already.

Maybe your next video could be about YouTube SEO? how to get your video ranked?*

Music box says:

It can help lots of people, because you're show how we can make videos but lot of people don't know how to rank it please make av video

Music box says:

I loved your videos ❤️, I want you show how we can rank our videos in YouTube please make a video about it

Ishan Majumdar says:

But how to get views and sub?

Dani Daniels says:

This is without doubt, have you work with hacker_method4 on Insta you got the fastest payment

Drako says:

Great video

Zakaria Arif says:

Hi can you make a video on websites where free domain and hosting is provided

Gamage Prashan says:

Video is very helpful for beginner. Pls. make a long video include all steps for beginners.

Beautiful Data Girl says:

You are one channel I rely on. There are others but information is not so much refined.

Jhon Harry says:

I was close to get kicked out of my house and this site saved me E a s y L a p t o p L i f e .c o m

bin sabin says:

Now can make a lot of money during my quarantine ^_^

Ihab-Gamer says:

thanks man for sharing these information how to make money

joli b says:

Thanks for sharing this tutorial. It really helps. Keep on sharing.

Biswajit Malakar says:

Very Nice video. Thank you for this video

Mostafa Maruf says:

This video is very useful for me. tnx for uploading this video.

Nazish Ali says:

Woow so amzaing good work

Kac Mevsim says:

Good job and thanks for sharing it! You really helped me a lot with this.

zzcomparisons says:

brko banks.its very informative,
what is the best way to increase views, i am not getting increased my views. thank you

Tim says:

great content I loved it

Tim says:

nice video keep it up dude

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