How I made $2000 usd trading inside my CoinPayments Wallet!

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You can use my link to open a CoinPayments Wallet:


Disclaimer: You may not get the same results as shown on the video, please use discretion to trade!

My recommended trading course, learn with the Masters!:


Sloba Loncar says:

Best free and legit mining

A. Kent says:

Beside the internal exchange feature using Shapeshift what else can you do with this platform?

Perez Arcades says:

Do you or anyone have a quick nice secure goto wallet that can transfer to your bank……

Perez Arcades says:

Have you ever had any issues with CoinPayments how safe of a wallet do you feel it is?

Ernest Lopez says:

Hello, I have a question for you. You think that is recommended block the safe in coinpayments for greater security?

John C says:

Great video! Thank you…I have 2 questions that I am having a tough time getting the answers to: 1) If the coin you are interested converting to is not listed in the drop down is there another way within coinpayments to convert? 2)My coins are locked in the vault & when I unlocked the vault coinpayment is telling me I need to wait 56 hours to be able to use the coins…do you know of a way around this?

BEL the WOOD APPLE says:

ohhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhh what a sexy voice u have i fall in ur love 😀

Fahad Ali says:

Hello i havnt found any convert option in coinpymnt..kindly tell me how can i convert any crypto curncy to btc plzz

RebelVon says:

you the true mvp for this video i can now swing trade all on one platform

fariss ahmed says:

Thanks for the video , i want to know how to cash your coins to the bank ? thanks

murat arat says:

hello how to deposti from bank account to the coinpayment walet

Arjun Mallik says:

Do you know about ico by waves ???

Arjun Mallik says:

Yes only transaction fees is low

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