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Please Return My remaining 4.3 BTC Thank you.


Masterr Laster says:

Whole idea of cloud mining is a scam. I remember one that wasn't you'd would say pay someone to build a rig for you and run it pay maintenance only difference is you own the rig.If company went bust like many have in this bear market they get the rig back and could sell to get some money back or keep for when mining be comes profitable again. With these cloud mining though they keep the rig you paid for and will start mining once market comes back up.


It'll be a crybaby you should have invested that's up crypto is so stop being a whiner

Joe Blow says:

Yep… I followed Bitcoin and researched cloud mining for a whole year before I decided to send about $30k to Genesis for BTC mining during their 'presale'. They turned around and used that money to buy mining equipment, and then ran it for months for themselves, which drove the difficulty through the roof. By the time they actually started paying out on the contract, it was worth maybe 2% of what it was at the time I purchased it. I could understand if it dropped by half, between the value and the difficulty, but because of the way they ran their presale, they essentially just stole that money from me.

Hanna Adla says:

I am not sure how you can say Genesis Mining is a scam when there are so many of us who invested in Genesis MIning and we all have our regular paymants and our contracts are running and bringing us profits. There are good and bad investments, for you it might have been a bad decisision for some reason but it is not fair to call them a scam. I have never felt scamed and I have contracts in GM for a very long time. They are now up to date and so far, so good.

Julia Sims says:

I strongly disagree! I would always recommend Genesis Mining. They showed openness and transparency in every step of our investment. That is something I value when it comes to my money and time invested. I have upgraded my contract and until now it turned out to be a great move. The payments are regular and on time and their customer service is just great. Genesis Mining is the most profitable and trusted mining company that gives high profit..

Dan 167 says:

now, how you feel. damn cheaters and scammers, they even closed contracts

Emilie Carlsson says:

Genesis Mining is definitely not a scam. So many people are mining with GM and have their profits rise from day to day. I’m mining with GM for a long time and I have never felt like I was scammed. They were very open about mining market crisis and offered a solution. I upgraded my contract and until now it seems to be a smart move. So we all can only hope mining market will recover and our profits will rise.

Sebastian Malyska says:

Use my Promo Code to save 3% on Genesis Mining: 06zAZK

Daniel Sassansson says:

Big scam company genesis mining

Obi 'the original' one says:

Anyone that has been Scammed by these thieves should leave a ‘Review’ on TrustPilot-

Edson Reis says:

You have 12 contracts that were ended today. Contracts were not profitable for more than 60 days.

Jonathan Engalla says:

So genesis is a scam??

Total Bullion says:

Hey IBYG, I was just listening to a tax pro on Ivan's channel. Turns out you'll be able to write off that loss against all the gains you made in crypto this year! Hope that helps.

Futurnet Pro says:

never trust (Life time mining) its scam

Petar Stefanov says:

Stay away from these Scammers Genesis Mining…….They are Chinese company……Just read your contract with them…

glenn shrieves says:

hashflare, genesis and ssg got me for £6000 done and dusted, bunch of robbing pirates . …

John The Mouse Video says:

I would like to have you on my video series John the Mouse University. I been having people talking about scams and their experiences. I'm thinking if you could talk about how you got started in cripto with the lending scams maybe what drew you to their platforms, even the mining you can talk about that too. Maybe finish up on what you learned, or would like to tell others. Or if you just want to talk about the mining that will be ok too.

Total Bullion says:

Hashflare got me just the same. You won't get anything from them, all we can do is warn the next generation to stay away from these scumbags.

Eric Lau says:

Its crazy because now Marco Streng is on the board for another company HIVE BLOCKCHAIN. They have absolutely destroyed investors for the past few months – Poorly mismanaged, no business plan, and gave Marco free shares for his "business ideas". Today was the announcement and the stock has further dropped – Pummeling investors thinking today was "good news". They are going to scam everyone in a legal manner and will not be penalized for it while profiting tons at the expense of investors.. Ive tried posting this onto a stock forum board but the investors are still so ignorant or flat out in DENIAL on what this guy is going to do. We need more ppl like yourself to post these videos because its absolutely ridiculous whats going on.

PreDaToR says:

your payment amounts seem off for when your contracts started

Eric Lau says:

what a shame genesis mining are doing to the crypto space

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