How I became an entrepreneur at 66 | Paul Tasner

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It’s never too late to reinvent yourself. Take it from Paul Tasner — after working continuously for other people for 40 years, he founded his own start-up at age 66, pairing his idea for a business with his experience and passion. And he’s not alone. As he shares in this short, funny and inspirational talk, seniors are increasingly indulging their entrepreneurial instincts — and seeing great success.

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Nicola Grace says:

This is what real entrepreneurs do. They take action on new ideas implementing principles to their projects and always moving on from that comfort zone.

Jumping Kangaru says:

Need more 40+ entrepreneurs highlighted. We are a youth obsessed society. That needs to shift. We need to be more balanced in our outlook.

Unekwu Nwaezeapu says:

This really resonates with me. It seems these days, once you're 30, you're no longer relevant. Everyone should embrace their journey, and we should support people when they come into their own. Kudos!

Barbara Moss says:

Fabulous. Second Phasers are hitting the ground running! (well….maybe walking quickly)

The Ultimate Reductionist says:

Yes, I am thrilled he wants to make 100%-post-recycled packaging. We need as much of that as possible.
Still has no relevance to anyone else's lives.

The Ultimate Reductionist says:

Not everybody has an traditional "job". That does not mean we don't work. We work just as hard as people with formal jobs.
We get paid either in barter or donations or social security disability or government refunds. But we do our own thing.

The Ultimate Reductionist says:

Pure bullshit. Zero evidence. And absolutely zero relevance to anyone else's lives.

Sebastian Robeck says:

Awesome stuff

Ruth Noel says:

I appreciate this

D4MO29 says:

When he says "The 20 year old app developer from silicon valley" being his role model!!?? Being a good entrepreneur would include a diversity of various role models.
Teaching old dogs new tricks (as tho its impossible) only limited to ones own biases..

Robert Mertens says:

Inspiring. It's been tough getting motivated at my age. I have the hardest time with believing that people will believe in me and take me seriously – just because of my age. But I'm also having trouble looking to 20-somethings for entrepreneurial thoughts. One good idea I just got, though, was to write down at least ten ideas a day. I was able to come up with five in the space of five minutes.

The 70% success rate is probably due to experience in the school of hard knocks. And also a lifetime of knowledge and discovery. He was an engineer, being walked out the door. I remember being an engineer, walked out the door.

Being retired sucks. Especially when you know you have boundless energy, tons of ideas and an endless supply of knowledge and understanding about almost everything. This isn't to say that you know everything, but when I look around, I'm often surprised at how little people do know about the world.

So, about those ideas….. And I have more of them.

Chelle Padriga says:

My boss was let go along with other leaders at our place. She was there for over 15 years planning to retire here :/ no job is safe

Bernadette Tibazi says:

Thank you for your talk, your courage and your foresight and commitment to the environment! – Its not over till the fat lady sings. You are an inspiration to me. –

john smith says:

Col sanders started KFC in his 60s and became a millionaire after selling his franchise. Nothing new, but it’s never too late to start over.

How Do I says:

70 over 70… love it!

Marcos Primo says:

Paul, I starting my first business at 55 in Brazil (so far it has not been so successful as yours). It is about Enterpreneuship Education for people over 50. We are designing workshops, seminars, mentoring, and even an entire educational program for helping those people to develop their first business. Your video is so inspiring we put it on ou Facebook page (@Experiencia Empreende). Thanks for inspiring us!

Aquinnah Tikhak says:

Great work!plastics need to go.n thank u for bringing out an alternative.hope ur packaging material reaches India soon

Mr.Wrath says:

I’m an Entrepreneur too! I quit my job to show the world how to make instant ramen noodles on YouTube!!

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