How Dopamine Detox Saved My Life

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I’ve always known this but could never imagine how deeply it can impact my motivation and ability to do work and grow. performing and sticking to a dopamine detox life style has literally been the most impactful thing I’ve done when it comes to building my business, growing and overall doing better at everything I actually care about.

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Antun K says:

Other people: Wow you're so organized and put together, where do you get your self help advices, from Jordan Peterson, Tony Robbins?
Me: From the World's Most Woke Empty House Millionaire Billionaire Trillionaire Business Advice Guy On YouTube!

Hazz Saeed Haris says:

I'm not getting those ads lol

Davyn Cox says:

Doom music at the end to get me extra pumped up. Thanks bro

Nellid says:

I really needed this. Thank you.

Keanu says:

This better be the last talk about dopamine I hear that references rats.

Jessie Ly says:

Holy shit this video came just in time.

Jack Watson says:

Subbed! I’ve always Deleted all social media then days later download it again, this video has helped me thank you.

ChrisWaldenPhotography says:

I was amused by the intro. New subscriber.

Spencer Roberts says:

I just looked into your mind from clear across the country, and I saw that your still not satisfied because there's a level your trying to hit and your not hitting it.

There's good things that have happened, but your not where you ultimately want to be

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