How Corona Affected My Business…And Will Yours

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As a business owner this is creating some really unique problems…most of them being caused by social media. Here’s exactly what I think and what I plan to do during this time.

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c3tr4 says:

This is ridiculously stupid advice, shocking how little you know about investment and crypto. The stock market is going lower so how is it late to invest? You don't need to study it for months to know simple TA, the S&P, DJI etc. Further, triple down on Crypto? You have no idea how down the toilet all of crypto is going over the new few months do you? It's as if you're doing exactly what you're advising against, you're "Investing" in things you have done no research in. How is "Investing" in speculative assets with no real world use case "Investing"? You're gambling.

What I did learn from this channel from all this time is to unsub, the only good advice you've ever given is to believe in yourself and stop wasting time online, that includes wasting time listening to you throw your money down the drain in crypto and calling it an investment, that's stupid beyond belief.

tskjesusfreak says:

Hence why I go on FB once a month to every other month, spend 15 minutes and log off.

Val O Donoghue says:

Alex, you were happier, funnier,more carefree before that "billion" , is the happiness /money algo true

dani.SH.dreamz says:

This was fucking dope! Feels like I ve just upgraded my brain software

Andrew Fisk says:

Why don't you watch youtube? Its one of the biggest repositories for information! You make out you are some kind of emissary, but end up sounding like the junkie on the corner of my street, twitching, not able to to form a cohesive sentence and seemingly off his head on cocaine.

alex stamate says:

but if we knew how our government works we will not be slaves to our corrupt system Alex……..

ThothHeart Maat says:

Unfortunately if we don't solve the world problems we have to wait for these morons to do it and settle for their solutions which might not be good for us.

Damian Frac says:

Youtube will ban you one day for stuff like that. Keep it up!

Suree Nk says:

well alex becker If I'm correct. Stay in your moms basement and make a lot of money hundreds of thousands

Doug Dennis The Alkaline Life Coach says:

Absolutely. I studied psychology for over 15 years, and I also stay away from media like the plague. It's difficult as I am also doing business online. Bad information is the disease. Good video!

Ian says:

In a free society it is imperative the citizen knows how its government works.

Lee Barnes says:

HAHAHA!!! "silly bitches" you are my new best friend! LOL

Q Fun says:

great advice

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