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Alana Arbucci is a lifestyle YouTuber who recently split off her engagement. Over the last year, she made several videos about it, in all of which she seemed very happy. Why did her relationship just fail then? If we take a traditional perspective, the answer screams at her from her words and actions. YogiOabs Reborn will help guide you to better harmony in your relationship. Subscribe to get GODLY.

This video is divided into two parts. In part 1 I discuss the problems with Alana’s relationship and perspective. In part 2 I cover healthier communication and listening skills.

Part 1: Problems with Alana’s relationship and outlook

First problem: 6:52
Second problem: 13:32

Part two: communication
Starts at 20:11



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pew die pie says:

I dont agree with a lot of your traditional beliefs with women and men etc. But I will say this what you are right on, she publicly humiliated her ex! I watched a lot of her videos, and for one she loved to brag about how much she makes. She constantly put him down about she was paying for everything. The house and the move was her idea and all her idea! The dude is like 22??? He had a job in NYC or some place and she just wanted him to get a job in Florida. Then she had the gull to actually post the screen shots of their private messages on her youtube video and demated the poor guy. And if you don't think so, go read the comments that people left about him saying " He's a loser anyway", "you were way out of his league", "never understood what you saw in him", 'he's a dead beat" "You will find way better". Go reads the comments! Breaks are bad enough and being almost married and then breaking up is even worse. But to publicly talk about it and then post private messages and demean your ex??? Just no words! The girl has serious issues! She thinks the world revolves around her! Oh yeah let's not forget, her product placement promoting a hot iron glove while she was talking about the break up of her life! Gimme a freak' break!

And to make my point even more about how she thinks the world revolves around her, she has videos of companies that wanted her to influence their stuff and she bashed them because she wanted more money and she thought they were beneath her. Like uhh, hello, you are one of a million girls hocking crap on youtube, you are nothing special!

Primrose Takeva says:

he was just not ready.he felt pressured but he loved her.i’ve done the same thing as her and it was a mistake.

Maha a says:

Ok what do you want

Sarah Adoga says:

She recently did a follow up video apologizing about this video because she didn’t mean to humiliate her ex and this was about how she felt at the time. She says he is not a bad guy but they were at different points of their lives or mindset.

Fobster says:

God please save all women from this idiot

spicy octopus says:

I think this guy likes her but tries to convince himself he doesn't hahha

S A says:

Traditional as in sexist and misogynistic. Stay in your lane and out of peoples business honestly…

steadfast says:

if this is a parody it's doing more harm than good

Mahnoor Khan says:

You need a life bro

Leah Croghan says:

how does it feel to spend all this time focusing on other people? judging them and feeling the need to put them down. i feel sorry for you.

Danielle W says:

Wow this is actually disgraceful, dude

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