House shopping w/ my FIANCÉ for OUR 1st HOME! (I think we found it ❤️AHHH!)

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House shopping vlog! Steven and I just got engaged. We are in the process of buying our first home. I hope this educates you on the home buying process when it comes to what area to look in. Taxes, school ratings, safety, appreciation rates, and value for your money are all important factors to be aware of. I am a real estate agent. If you or someone you know is looking to buy, sell or rent, email me!

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R Maynard says:

Steven make sure she buys a clear see through shower curtain. I promise you wont regret it!!!

Brooke Brandon says:

The one in Fairfield is so cute!

Ssandora P. says:

wait didn't y'all move to florida

Gordon TheGreat says:

another thing, she says at 10:30 she does not want to live in some area neighboring a poor area because she drives a BMW hahaha.. and someone might follow her verses the person with the older car hahha.. wow just wow (rolls eyes). Talk about someone who is jaded! I know of many people who are driving new Beamers and Benz's that are not wealthy. So many people drive expensive cars that can't afford them with high car payments. It's actually sad to think someone will think you are rich because of the car you are driving.

Gordon TheGreat says:

Jesus this girl is a braggart! let me tell ya dont let youtube get to your head honey. Youtube is a sinking ship, you better diversify. I know people who have lost their A$$!

We get it, you are making money at 21, why brag and tell everyone? When I was 20 I was making loads of money in music and was playing with a world famous band, I never ever would put it out there how much I was worth, you are just asking for trouble! One of my child hood friends who was also one of my first room mates when I got to LA. When he became a world famous athlete, he went on MTV cribs, it nearly ruined his life!

Two of my close childhood friends are very wealth off and quite well known, the secret is to keep it on the down low!

Tamara Kennedy says:

Make sure you have the house inspected before signing if you find struvtural or basemebt flooding roof leaks via inspector then you can lower the asking price.

Tamara Kennedy says:

$6,600 should be included in your mortgage payment just make sure you get a first time buyers incentive great rates fixed apr at 3.2%

Tamara Kennedy says:

800 square feet for $450,000.00 the weather is horrific the people are crass rude and uncivilized the town is filthy the smell is repugnant and you could not pay ME to buy a place in that God forsaken septic tank of a matter how much you charge rob people it is am always will be sardines in a stinky can.,,

Flóra Winkler says:

Thank you for making these extremely informative videos ❤️

jesstbeauty says:

I have an apartment in milford ct and i love it! Super cute town on the water

I II says:

Alana! if you buy a condo its a lot harder to sell because they value will be estimated by the neighbors places as well not just the upkeep of your own please

Redhead 21 says:

Come to Az lol! I just bought a 3,000 sqft home for $250,000

NicoleMarie says:

The last one was the best one!!!

Voltaize says:

I am from connecticut, very expensive place to live. Just moved to florida. Originally from watertown ct

stwuabewies says:

These prices are so good! Houses in the Bay Area, 2 bedroom/2 bath, are going for 1.7 million. Fml

Jessica Navarro says:

I wish it for you <3

Erika Hernandez says:

yeah the co op doesn’t sound pleasing. Almost sounds like living in a apartment.

Fifé says:

That vintage phone is so cute!!! Where’d you get it from?

Clara Li says:

Omg Alana I love your adulting videos!!

Aspen Fisher says:

Can you do a video on practical tips to save 20% for a DP? It's a lot of money and can easily feel overwhelming! Realllllly enjoyed this vid!

Anna says:

This is so interesting. Thank you for sharing can’t wait for the next videos!!

Nona G says:

The first co-op is only like 100sq ft bigger than where we live and my family rents for only $600||| holy crap wherever she is 378k is ridiculous even though it was very nice

saffuan ahmed says:

She's Really good at what she is doing. Ik people who worked as an estate agent but she's different

Nico Astrid says:

this is making me realize i actually could afford a house if i didn't live in such a big city lol wish i grew up in a small town ugh

Bianca Mejia says:

Y E S ! I want to start looking next year. Please share as much information and tips !!!! I live in westchester and that doesn’t seem to be an option for us lol I’m 23 and my boyfriend is 24 , I feel like people take advantage of us because we’re so young

Olivia Ngo says:

are you a real estate agent? that's so cool

Islam 4life says:

How can use $5 credits at check out ??

skylee says:

What the fuck why are the coop so expensive

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