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Hello everyone, Heinrich here! and welcome to HEXplanations! Today we will be exploring a marvel of biology…the nano! We go up close and personal with those mischievous little creatures to see what turns their gears! With any luck we’ll all make it through today’s lesson without an incident. Archimedes has been quiet for a while though, I hope the nano haven’t gotten to him…

I love experimenting, what shall we discover together next?! Comment below!
Auf wiedersehen!

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Goofy's At Your Door says:

Heinrich can defeat Thanos without the infinity gauntlet

Pyukumuku Life says:

I can imagine this company starting from hex bug to robots then Heinrich starts talking about how he has dominated the world

Molhore Glotchtrop says:

n a n o m a c h i n e s s o n

rice man says:

I love this man he is great.

Smartgamertag1 Gaming says:

That guy almost looks like Garrett from dude perfect

ActionBrick Studios says:

Who here remembers buying these 6 years ago

Meme Pootis Machine says:

Archimedes and that voice hmmm tf2?

Alex Postell says:

This is amazing

Zach Wood says:

2:31 What dialect or region is this chanting from?! Hahahah Keep the videos coming!

Maruz says:

We are still playing our Hexbug Nano V1 which was bought in 2009 (almost 10 years). Please check our video https://youtu.be/NPCGM1cIQlM

A14418525 12 says:

planet hexbug deep lore is starting to appear

Kraken Films says:

You guys should try hexbugs vs epoxy resin

Unmetered says:

This is wonderful. Such energy and hilarity

Daniel Lara says:

2:24 world domination

Dorothy Isidro says:

Oh hi I'm second here.

Slithering Studios says:

Bring back planet hexbug !!

xXx Robo Seagle xXx says:

I’m learning so much!

xXx Robo Seagle xXx says:

Am I early?

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