Hashing Ad Space Review: Day 1 Introduction – Earn For Free!

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Join Hashing Ad Space: https://www.hashingadspace.com/register.php?ref=newsignup
Sponsors Name Should Be: newsignup
Register for free first before clicking around on the site to be connected to me
Hashing Ad Space Asimi Token Info: https://www.asimi.io/
Contact Marquita: getkbdetails@gmail.com

Road to 25k In 12 months: https://youtu.be/q6Ya14yI6WU

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Get $10 from Uphold: https://join.uphold.com/?kid=S1M1M

Hashing Ad Space Episodes:

Hashing Ad Space is a new advertising and paid to mint company with a new utility token earned called ASIMI. In this Hashing Ad Space review and case study, I will be documenting my progress. Because Hashing Ad Space is involved with crypto it does have risk, however, I do not believe Hashing Ad Space is a scam. Please do your own due diligence as this review of Hashing Ad Space is not considered any financial advice and is simply what I am doing.

I have discovered this program through the owner of hashing ad space Luke Millard and his constant hashing ad space updates over the last year. Soon I hope to have some Hashing Ad Space withdrawal proof. This will show everyone that Hashing Ad Space is in fact paying.

When it comes to my hashing ad space strategy, I plan to mint my ASIMI tokens and hold some while increasing my ability to mint Asimi and withdraw Asimi as quickly as possible. There is not a known hashing ad space calculator for public use at this time.

The hashing ad space compensation plan is fairly simple where they pay 10% of your direct referrals earnings during the prelaunch phase. During launch the hashing ad space compensation plan changes to 50% for each advertising block that your direct referrals make as well as 4% of the minting power that your direct referrals make. You also earn for the ads that you mint as well to create ASIMI on a daily basis. Please contact me for further information. I will be showing my hashing ad proof soon.

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@seasonstylestudio4007 says:

how to register on this website please tell me

@ananthivijay says:

Hi, buying one mint how much Asimi can we earn daily..
How to get the paid ads. how much can earn with each ad..

@royyaks says:

Can i have multiple accounts?

@darkcure9732 says:

This site is a scam! You will not earn 50$ worth of asimi in more than two months daily veiwing & then will never be able to cash out either as then your count down timer will be spammed with pop up ads so you will be able to veiw your ads but no longer be able to claim your v2e!!!!!!! Hashing ad space is a proper scam as they will eventually take all the asimi you earned for themselves. Hashing ad space are nothing but thieves! Be very careful people, these are professional scammers, besides all your time you will waste, you will end up paying more for the data you use than what you will ever earn. Now to make videos & inform as many as possible on YouTube! For all my time you wasted hashingadspace I declare war on you!!!!!!! Shame on you!!!!

@leadmafian says:

How can I increase the number of premium ads as free member?

@mauroparodi4696 says:

Ladri di merda!

@Ghulamsarwarofficial1 says:

Carefull this bigg scamer no investment in this site I investing buy package of stake buy $800 now he suspend my account so take ur money
Check proof here suspending account https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100036643207144

So if any one have asimi sell hurryup coz he going 0 soon

@Louie.v2k23 says:

Hey dear like your video how can i get in touch with you about possibly starting a whatsupp group,am still trying to fully understand this site and there's alot of people out there who don't either…

@mitchso-oabeb3704 says:

Hi can we still mint for free?

@rajuolesu7363 says:

Tell me how to earn money

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