Hashing Ad Space Rant and Update – My feelings have changed

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Join Hashing Ad Space: https://www.hashingadspace.com/regist…
Sponsors Name Should Be: newsignup
Register for free first before clicking around on the site to be connected to me
Hashing Ad Space Asimi Token Info: https://www.asimi.io/
Contact Marquita: getkbdetails@gmail.com

LAST EPISODE: https://youtu.be/gEhtET5Ghqs

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Hashing Ad Space is a new advertising and paid to mint company with a new utility token earned called ASIMI. In this Hashing Ad Space review and case study, I will be documenting my progress. Because Hashing Ad Space is involved with crypto it does have risk, however, I do not believe Hashing Ad Space is a scam. Please do your own due diligence as this review of Hashing Ad Space is not considered any financial advice and is simply what I am doing.

I have discovered this program through the owner of hashing ad space Luke Millard and his constant hashing ad space updates over the last year. Soon I hope to have some Hashing Ad Space withdrawal proof. This will show everyone that Hashing Ad Space is in fact paying.

When it comes to my hashing ad space strategy, I plan to mint my ASIMI tokens and hold some while increasing my ability to mint Asimi and withdraw Asimi as quickly as possible. There is not a known hashing ad space calculator for public use at this time.

The hashing ad space compensation plan is fairly simple where they pay 10% of your direct referrals earnings during the prelaunch phase. During launch the hashing ad space compensation plan changes to 50% for each advertising block that your direct referrals. You also earn for the ads that you mint as well to create ASIMI on a daily basis. Please contact me for further information. I will be showing my hashing ad proof soon.

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Crypto Camel says:

I don't think there is anything wrong with earning commissions from referrals, after all we helping the company by bringing in investors therefore helping sustain the project. Why do you say this sucks? 😀

Redah Gosh says:

Hi anyone can help me how to recover my 6 digits pin?

Leann Dominic Peña says:

I like your videos about Hashing Ad Space! If I may, Asimi, according to the site itself, is pronounced [ass-eye-me]…

LifeStyle 99 says:

Hello,madam…. HAS is real payout?

Calvin .AF. Bridges says:

True because the asimi coin that are free is in the storage or vault like with bitcoins in the vault don't affect the purchase bitcoins, as each day goes by those storage coins will be release on the platform for sale. the only way to affect a coin or currency is to purchase the currency. this is the principal of capitalizing on a currency, a store currency has no effect on currency that is active on the market. However gather as many asimi possible because you never know when asimi does a 10x or 100x or 1000x, by keeping it in the storehouse your increase your investment over time. this is very smart I like this.

Miki Peric says:

Meltem Demirors: Anyone can create something and call it a cryptocurrency… I rather buy bitcoin and hold rather than shitcoins.(also its Meltem Demirors).better be a young rich than a dead rich.asimi is dead.https://imgur.com/HDkWClF

Mush Chdry says:

Why do you have to purchase stakes when you can simply earn free ASIMI by viewing ads?

Mush Chdry says:

Are you quitting Hashing Ad Space ?

Max Louie says:

No the withdrawral limit is too high dear,that's the real problem…

Allen Parker says:

Hey "Residual Master" I love the video as usual but what makes me love it the most is thats the exact concept I've been using since I signed up. I staked 11 asimi on my own and 2 asimi through referral commissions so I definitely agree on what you said in this video. So I've just been focusing on V2E signups and it's been working like a Mexican…. No offense to any Mexicans by the way! just a corny joke! lol

LifeStyle 99 says:

3 month ago is 1asimi equal to 0.0005 btc. now is 0.000008asimi.. what happened?

LifeStyle 99 says:

Now, Asimi is low price…. madam.

67dobbie says:

Good insight thanks as a matter if interest what are your other cashflow business ?

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