Hashing Ad Space and the Community (Live webinar recording)

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In this video, Clinton Clark will be reviewing Hashing Ad Space
and how all members and benefit in the short and long term.

This is especially important as we get closer to the debut of the new Asimi minting process!
It truly is unique and powerful that you can actually have an impact on not only your life but also the success of the entire community with the potential for substantial financial rewards over time.

Come listen to the live webinar this evening to learn more (or refresh your memory)and then hang out afterwards to ask Clinton any general questions about Hashing Ad Space or Asimi you may have in the friendly, informative Question and Answer session immediately following.
See you in the video and as always, thank you for being a valued member of Hashing Ad Space

Getting Start Guide here: https://hashingadspace.funnelbundle.io/
Earning here: https://www.hashingadspace.com

Advertising here: https://www.hashingadspace.com/advertiser/

Support here: https://hashingadspace.zendesk.com/

FB here: https://www.facebook.com/HashingAdSpace/

FB Group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/hashingadspaceofficial

Hashing Ad Space and the Community (Live webinar recording)


Anwer Khan says:

Scammers ☝

robert Vandelanotte says:

My sincere opinion you make it very complex…your earnings model is very complex compared to earnings…and this is going to destroy the platform…

Simple Sixtus says:

Also p,please can we have a tutorial video on how to create banners on canvas with animations and place them on canvas..

I have met so many people who wished to advertise their online business but they don't know how to create banners and ads…

Simple Sixtus says:

Can we still be making use of our link to register new members after the lunch of the new minting system..

Also will it be compulsory for members to do kyc to be able to withdraw there Asimi..

redsavina1 says:

When will the new minting and wallet direct connection will be enabled? I'm very looking forward for this…

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