Ghostrider vs Turborider R I P

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nfspybck NFS says:

Tnx God! Not RIP! Firee in the hell 😀 !

Lune says:

My dumb ass thought Ghost Rider was also the TurboRider

Inho uwe says:

beide leben ghost soll angeblich 2016 ein neues video rausgebracht haben und von der turborider ist der freund gestorben nicht er

Privateaccount says:

certains disent que ghostrider errent sur les routes lointaine

Hannes Sinderes says:

Rest in peace

Xx_nxt_xX Und says:

turborider OS a live

joaquin perez perez says:

name song?thanks

Mr. McMoto Man says:

turbo and ghost are the same or?

Alwin Menke says:

RIP turborider

Daniel Alexander says:

beide sind GEIL

Roman Masley says:

yes is right the cameraman dies becaus he drives a black bike,but tom drives a yellow bike in movie

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