Get Paid $100 Per Day With Google Books Using AI & Make Money Online

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I will show you how to make money online using Google Books, this is becoming a very popular method to earning money on the internet. You can do this for free and I show you how to get started in this free tutorial.

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This is a way to make money online, and it’s untapped right now. We can use AI like ChatGPT to make money online and it makes the process faster. Use ChatGPT to create ebooks and then sell them on Google Books. It’s free to start your account. You can make a 70% revenue share from doing this.

The first step is to go to ChatGPT. After that, find a GPT that can create an ebook for you. Once that is done, export the ebook. Then, upload it to Google Books to earn passive income. I hope this helps you understand how to make money online.

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