Genesis Mining September Update and Review – 2018

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Mining Rig Setup:
GPU: GTX1080ti SC2:
Motherboard: ASUS PRIME Z270-A:
Memory: Crucial 8GB:
Power supply:
Bigger Power supply:
Hard Drive:
PCIe Riser:
Electricity Usage Monitor:
Wifi USB: TP-Link N150:


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In this Video: We learn that Genesis Mining isnt WORTH IT!

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GalacticWoman says:

My response to Genesis : "You have sold your mining contracts for retail level costs and now you are invoking the contract clause of non profitability yet still mining using hardware paid for by us miners. The offer to extend the grace period to 180 days is far too expensive : your costs are low due to thermal energy in Island and even if you keep those costs at 0.28 per terrahash at the very least offset the accrued mined coins in the 60 day period to date against it. Also the bull run is on the horizon so BTC price is set to recover – why not offer shorter period like 30 days ?..if you want to keep the customers who ve been loyal to you be flexible!..Your company reputation is priceless and you are about to fleece thousand of loyal customers by your intransigent application of the contract terms."

Crypto Mining says:

Stay away from genesis mining. I made a comparison between genesis and a few others, you pay 4 times as much for a GH/s than with other companies!! They are literally scamming people, It is definitely NOT the best one out there by far!

James E says:

Genesis are a bunch of Jokers…..they might have got $1100 of my hard earned, because of my naivety….never again…And I’m not to proud to admit that I made a mistake, knowing that these discussions will help warn others about genesis bull *hit cloud mining.


They're literally scamming people. What a scum company.

N STAR says:

Should have invested the money in pot stocks instead.

Cruz Salgado says:

Option 3: never deal with them again!


220 days is less than a year

IBYG Crypto says:

I’ve spent a little over 5 BTC (31k) back in November pre-order for 200TH… currently my biggest lost ever. Even via BTC bought back S9 contracts for $9.99 per TH.

Crypto Dad says:

I got in June 2017 and I made my investment back plus 10 grand. Im trying to buy the main pack but order wont process. I have a ticket out. In the 180 days I will have made back my money and that based on the price right now….im banking on it going up.

Vandermann88 says:

Sad to see this man! I was wondering how is Profittrailer doing for you and have you looked into staking? Grtz!

Travis Pi says:

I would love to see a video about your keto diet experience.

dutchgamingvaultNL says:

I started with GM in 2013 so I've gained a small profit from that. Sadly I was stupid and bought some stuff with BTC. back then I had around 400 USD. now with the current price and what BTC I have left is around 400 USD. If I just never spent any BTC I would've had way more now.

Basically, the later people stepped into cloud mining, the lesser the chance of earning your money back. If you really want to stay in crypto, it's better to just buy the dips. I have the bellive that BTC will bounce back. It's just that it will take 2 to 5 years I think.

Crypto Noob says:

well boys the one we thought we could trust is also a SCAM. people STAY AWAY dont buy anything from them. 4k lost

ThePotheads Crypto says:


oooooooooo says:

Stay clear from genesis mining

D3mon Wolf2483 says:

You should've mined dash not Bitcoin. That there was your fault.

ros says:

I agree. Genesis Mining is a Ponzi. Stay away! I've already lost 2.5 BTC with their scam contracts and now they ask me more money with fake disconunts and special offers.

Andy says:

Thanks, this video helped me make up my mind on my BTC contracts. I wont be buying the maintenance fees. At the present difficulty it would take me almost a year to get the BTC back for this payment.

Fizzle2Fizzle says:

I've pretty much stepped away from the crypto world taken too many L's (still have a small holding) most of my spare cash has gone to stocks

Hello Google says:

what is the BTC limit from where it will be profitable again ? and on what parameters is that is that limit dependent?

AllGood says:

What was your initial investment? If it makes you feel any better, I'm a miner with my own equipment and is currently not profitable, have switched off most of my miners.

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