Genesis Mining Review Update | How to Buy Bitcoin Mining contracts in South Africa and rest of the

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Genesis Mining bitcoin mining in South Africa.

Yes, you can mine bitcoin in South Africa and in this video I show you how I do it here in SA. But it is also the same way you do it anywhere in the world.

Bitcoin mining gives you valuable bitcoin to use to trade somewhere else online.

Genesis Mining has been going for more than 3 years and does have an active Youtube and FB channel.

You may buy contracts with your credit card or bitcoin. But when you do it with your credit card you will have to wait 30 days before you start mining. Not recommended. See how to buy bitcoins below:

How to buy bitcoin locally:

Buy bitcoin here:

Get a bitcoin wallet here:

Use this code when ever you buy more hash power to get 3% discount with every new purchase: QqNvn3

Remember to subscribe to my YT channel to follow my progress in Genesis Mining and other online money making ways.

May your bitcoin mining wealth grow.

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Colin Brazendale says:

Thank you for watching. Please comment below with any questions. Every time you use my Genesis Mining promo code I will use your code. Here is the promo code to get 3% discount: QqNvn3

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Chris Devine says:

I can't believe you dont have more subscribers .. thanks for sharing

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This was really spectacular 🙂 top quality

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Daniely schimite says:

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bullshit … fake AF

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