Genesis mining review – 2 Months of payout

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My contract: 7.5 TH/s – $2175 USD -1 year contract

Discount code: HnAy7N

I am an Australian Bitcoin cloud mining enthusiast, and i fully support the bitcoin network and all that it stands for.

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Tree stoph says:

if you calculate 45.85$ %7days x365 days a year you make 2390.75$ a year, price stays the same etc

would be interesting how many btc you earn a month aprox

Alberto Madonna says:

good morning, let me know if you can help me with a question what would be the best strategy for bitcoin without having to make none investment have been thinking about getting satoshis to change later with cash and then use it to increase my ghs cloud mining have thought by mining free but ghs they offer are so ridiculous that would be impossible in my life have the necessary btc to obtain 100 THS ultimate goal to make a profit to support me I am from a country where the controls make it impossible to exchange foreign currency and high inflation am I am thinking but it is very difficult, greetings

Ehsaan ODT says:

So do Genesis transfer the coins to your e-wallet? or simply they just pay you out based on the coins value but not the actual coins?

I can break these cuffs says:

according to alloscomp you were suppose to make 1.4 bitcoin out of that 2 months. Were you spending it?

spirit241000 says:

You invested $2500 and based on your 7 day ($45.85) earnings, in 12 months you will make $2200.8. Isn't that a bad investment, you won't even break even?


monthly return my investment what lifetime earning

SyndicateUnited says:

I have a quick question, according to this site, if i allocate just 0.01 TH to LTC (Litecoin) it's sayign that I will make about 800 LTC a week. is this true? and if so why isnt everyone just doing this then selling it?

ToQcHista says:

hi man, you can tell me , why do you buy exactly "1 year x11 mining "? you could buy lifetime bitcoin mining ghs , why exactly second , ? is anything different ?

ToQcHista says:

whattt, ? 😀 you deposit 2175$ and you have per day 11$ ? it is very low

Shamas Iqbal says:

thanks for the video man I really appreciate it how much do u think I will get weekly if I invest $200 and is it even possible to invest that much

Marjorie Alvarez says:

that amount of bitcoin produces this page? if one has 1th? of power

Pervisage Sage says:

how much fee do you pay?

Newman Sibisi says:

This's lovely… Keep going bud.

JJ Gonzales says:

Hi thanks for the video, i have a question, when you purchased 3,150$ for 7.5 TH/s
and you want to upgrade to 15 th/s which is 5,850$, Will I still pay the solid 5,850$ or Ill just add an amount to 3,150$ to make it 15 Th/s?? Thank you

Juan Figueroa says:

Hi, thanks for your video. I have a question, you are getting 48.5 per week with you 7,5Th/s ? And the she256 contracts isn,t life time?, thank you again

Easy BTC says:

no doubts abot genesis they are legit 100% nice hash bro

Online Jobs says:

nice earnings dude keep it go

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