Genesis Mining March Review and profitability

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MediaSector says:

I have had a contract running with Genesis Mining for over three months. They paid for 3 week's worth of mining, then nothing. My support requests to look into all missing payouts have been open for 6 weeks with no useful answers or resolution. It's a common story, if you look on the message boards you'll find all sorts of people in the same predicament. You might as well throw your money out the window, at least you won't be wasting time trying to follow up with someone who's not going to do anything for you.

Dave Vira says:

I created an account on genesis mining and they are saying Currently all hashpower is out of stock like what happen after/ how long i have to wait .

Les. says:

Scam I pay I got some payment then payments stared to lag after a while they stop now nothing coming in stay away you will lose your money

Arbinv estor says:

Just watched this. Interested to know how the contract is performing with btc down at $6900??

Honey A says:

I have been with Genesis mining for a year now and can tell you that you invest your money in this company for hashing power you will not make anything

Cyber Soldier says:

You supported bitconnect so for that you are not trust worthy!

Paul Coenen says:

I believe Genesis Mining is a scam.
I bought a litecoin contract in June 2017, let it build up to about 10 litecoin then I tried to take it out and they would only send 1.6 litecoins and about 30 cents worth a day.
Also I bought 2 contracts for ethereum in June 2017, I provided my ether wallet address and they send nothing. So they have screwed me on every contract so far.
Customer service tickets are them blowing you off claiming they are having a few issues, then they won't let you fill out another ticket.
That's a good way to keep your ticket numbers low.
The system that takes your money works flawlessly.

ajay trivedi says:

U know about omnia? They giving lifetime contracts u know is it realiable sir?

luger gold says:

Hey Bruce. GM received cease & desist from South Carolina via Swiss Gold Global on March 9th. In it the SEC ruled cloud mining as securities and must be registered with SEC. No action taken from GM so far. Time will tell.
IMHO history shows that EVEN US companies who complied and registered with SEC(in a hot industry)eventually drops US customers entirely or relocates for some unknown reason. I am sure it will not come to this magnitude. The SEC wants money & monopoly control. Food for thought.

Gediminas Cibulskis says:

dude, you should use
you'll never get your monay back.. sorry to tell you that 🙂

ajay trivedi says:

How much cost needs to start an GPU mining?

ozai khan says:

Hello sir
I'm investing in genesis
Is it paying? Payout?..

Florin Cracut says:

Bruce some nice gains in ONT/BTC on binance some fast flows last two days

Florin Cracut says:

Healthy rise today, MT,GOX is fat whale running out of crash funds

pecfree says:

Hashflare is junk. I put 10k in December. Payouts are down by half and maintainance is nearly 40% of your earnings. From the 10k I invested I will get 4k if that much. All minings are shit now with bitcoin prices falling like this.

Schmonkee Shomky says:

Where are the bot updates? Did you turn that thing off already?

ajay trivedi says:

U tried GPU mining?

ajay trivedi says:

Bro I wanna do eth cloud mining with them so is it profitable or can atleast recover my investment amount in 2 year contract of genesis cloud mining?

Conky Jr says:

You Jack Ass Miners!

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