Genesis Mining Great cloud mining site 2019 – review: is legit

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Genesis Mining is a Cryptocurrency cloud mining service that offers an easy and safe way to purchase hashpower without having to deal with complex hardware and software setup.

review best cloud mining sites 2019-is legit

Source video: IBYG Crypto


Asier Estancona says:


Scrollkart India Pvt Ltd says:

What a scam wow guys please dont invest we already lost BTC too in cloud mining shit

Os 1997 says:

Use my Coupon Code – oWAVqa THIS GIVES YOU 3% DISCOUNT!!!!!!!!!!! Genesis-Mining

Lao Hrrr says:

pleas stop to buy BTC hashpower now many many company scam. if let me choose I choose lottery is better. I use BTC webbrowser mining it is legit and pay me and free mining but use my computer cpu.

Julkifli Kifli says:

Don't invest!!!!

Michael Geißler says:

it is a fake?

Bojan Djordjevic says:

how much u make in a month for 62.00 TH/s ? Please help myy

Enes Ozdemir says:

how much u make in a month

Oeve Geypen says:

What's your discount code to add to my list when i buy new hashpower! here is mine "YRmeyQ"

James Benhart says:

Rumor was bro that they were ripping people off…..

1 GM says:

Genesis Mining indirim Kodu : f3OrZR

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