Genesis Mining Experiment – Part 2 – Checking The Results After 3 Days

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This is the second part of my Genesis Mining experiment. This second part was filmed 3 days after part one.

In this video I discuss my overall experience and do a few calculations to see how likely it will be to get a return on investment.


Eric Mu says:

Nice one – Would you be interested in doing one about my company HaoBTC? We are a mining-based interest-bearing wallet.

Khaled Abd says:

Hello Chris, kindly is it possible to advise me where to start investing in Bitcoin because I have a sum of satoshis equal to 100 USD and would like to start investing and getting some gains, so in your view what is the best beginning, many thanks :-)

Othman Smail says:

hi Chris plz can you tell me what about !

Tree stoph says:

well, the bitcoin price we dont know in the future, more interesting is when you have more btc then you invested

mounaim says:

Genisis Mining is a SCAM!!! you will never ROI .. guys please stay away from cloud mining.

SynergyCreek says:

nice thank you very much

WeCan says:

+Chris Coney First: thanks for this wonderful explanation
Second, how much level of confidence in this company?
  What is your opinion of a hash ocean company?

Jacob Manuel says:

are payout regular?

Jacob Manuel says:

did you get ur ROI back?

Jacob Manuel says:

do you have an update?

Max Canew says:

Nice job on introducing this! I started a few months ago there and so far my payouts are ok. However, there's the difficulty increase I learned, so mining might not look profitable in short time for a few people. But when I learned about the hard currency limit of bitcoin and that 75% of all bitcoins are already mined I thought, hey, it is what it is – An investment into the future. So patience and the BTC scarcity are giving me a quite positive outlook on a good long term investment. But that's only my thinking. Of course, never invest the money you cant lose!

Jessica Riley says:

I've been a customer of Genesis Mining for over a year and several months ago, I reached ROI.

If you are not happy with Genesis Mining, you aren't happy with Bitcoin Mining. They are one of the only legitimate providers who go to great lengths to please and help their customers. There is a reason why they have over 100,000 customers today and had 40,000 when I started with them.

Coin says:

Can you do one for Lite coin, lite coin is a lessor difficult coin which should accumulate faster since the difficult is of less

HaruHikaru says:

Thanks for video, I've been looking for one like that. Can you give us another video after 1 month of pau outs_ than kyou

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