GENESIS MINING day 1| how to start

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arcel laforteza says:

sir only dash available,, out of stock

panen doku says:

Legit opened 2 new contracts of Bitcoin Mining!! Use promo code : gcNsK6 for 3% off!!

1 GM says:

Genesis Mining indirim Kodu : f3OrZR


thanks 4 the tutorial

MIX TV says:

100% Real mining sites
1. free mining with 250 GHz
2. Cloud mining –
3. free mining site
5. Maxminer | Home
6. ree mining with 100 Ghz

Ethan Dautremont says:

My code is "v1rQ4W", if someone need

Liam Sheehy says:

All cloud mining are scams.Use to really know what losses you will incur.

TheBitcoinOfCryptoStreet says:

Yeah let's take benefits!
Here's my code if you need it:


Dominant Finance is a modern investment and mining company based on a fully-open and ready-to-grow platform built on the concept of mining and daily distribution of cryptocurrencies among all participants.

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noob bro says:

bro i also want to mine but i dont have bitcoin to buy power so any otner way

M2 M2 says:

Use my code I will be purchasing hashpower on the regular so send your codes as well aICZgM

fish7298 says:

We in the USA cant use this app!!!!

Elvis Ndukong Ndzi says:

Hi bro. Love your video

EvolvingPro says:

here is a LEGIT site where you can mine bitcoin at the cloud!

once you register and login you will automatically mine bitcoins at a speed of 100gh per second
(0.0001 BITCOIN A DAY)

sebastian bach says: a legit, true bitcoin investment plan!!!!Run by geeks from university of Iceland!!! They love bitcoin !!!

Pros and advantages of the project and its people:
1)They are passionate about bitcoin, and now they have already invested more than 650 BTC in just few months
2)They also invest dogecoin and Ethereum
3)They are legit and honest,and their customer service (Mani and Kristin) are very friendly and hot 🙂 🙂
4)They help a lot of poor people including many charities in the far east, middle east, Africa and south america.

Disadvantages and cons as i hear from customers and business insiders :
1) They are new to the business and with no real roots
2) Minor delays in payments ( more than 48 hours for processing investments)
3) The profit sometimes is not huge(20%)
4) They use gambling to achieve winnings and i am totally against gambling

good luck guys

EVangelista Juan RAmón Martinez says:

great information keep up yo.

Nathan Nelson says:

Hey all, use my Genesis Mining Code “Fb1IRK” for 3% off all purchases! Leave me a message if you do!

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