Genesis Mining Contracts Are DEAD! My Thoughts.

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Genesis Mining has decided to pull the plug on its open ended Bitcoin cloud mining contracts stating they are no longer profitable. Today I’ll talk about my thought on what this all means and what i learned.

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Crypto Jedi says:

What are your thoughts on how this all went down. Should Genesis Mining do something more to help out the customers who lost out?

Saitama says:

So have our Bitcoin contracts been terminated or what? I got no official email saying it's done, the hash power is still on my account but not paying out, nobody else is talking about this? I want a fuckin refund

Cid Sapient says:

these companies messed up big time tho
aint no way they will ever get the customer bases they got previously
ppl dont forget in crypto just look at poloniex
in dec 2017 poloniex had a daily average active user count of 20k now they have less than 8k at any given time

Outkast Army says:

knew something like this would happen, glad it did, all cloud mining does is centralize crypto's

Hulious777 says:

invested 1.9 btc in 100TH/s, got .3btc in return. 16% back. never again. Not so much their fault but the Chinese miners. The way genesis handle the shutdown was despicable as a customer and it seems they're trying to save their own ass. If scaling cant be solved soon then cryptos are completely screwed.

Dee says:

I wonder, since you were issuing a Genesis Mining code to your viewership, does that make you no better than Trevon and Craig? Or is this different?

OmegaCO says:

I got a mail from them: “Start mining Dash today!” – nice, I unsubscribed from their list

Jay Jones says:

Crypto Jedi – the White Craig Grant……hahahaha….you sound like beeeeconnnnnnneccccccttttttttt

AWS Elite says:


Sun_God says:

Thank's god I chose the right platform. Which is Miner gate + They manage the platform very well.

secretace says:

Genesis mining is a huge scam. Switched my XMR contract to a shit coin -_-

secretace says:

Genesis mining is a huge scam. Switched my XMR contract to a shit coin -_-

Frosty CryptoShark says:

its hard to believe so many idiots fell for this shit

Jeff Afdahl says:

I would really like to connect personallyly with you and talk cloud mining in futher depth…
My cloud mining company is still paying me strong sorry to hear about hashflair and this one.

Hawaii Volcano Squad says:

you can pay the maintenance fees separately and retain the contracts and output, which is what i did…hoping prices recover

Dr No says:

Hashflare was an even bigger scam… I barely managed to break even before they say "bye bye and thank you for your money…"

Young Leaper says:

Why not just real mining with servers

I made 75% roi and my cards are still worth 50-75% of what I bought them

I started around when you did

Teloinstalamos S.A.S. says:


Kortise Krypto says:

I just received a payment from Genesis on Oct 12th in BCH and received a payment on Oct 15th in Dash.

halit yilmaz says:

These guys are one of the demons owning majority of mining power. Bitcoin will die because of these… They could ask for the rent of the freaking buildings…

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