Genesis Mining CEASE & DESIST – Boxmining deleting GM videos silently… I’m disappointed

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James says:

GM can suck it! Definitely a scam! They never paid my missing payments from their network bitcoin fork scandal last July/August… they keep making excuses … screw them!

robert harrison says:

That’s so ridiculous, fuck the US government

Domi Nus says:

boxmining is a bcash shill, fuck that dude

Learn About Everything says:

I thought the US Gov did'nt care about crypto in general right now the only thing they want is taxes when you convert any coin into fiat, i guess that's not true now….

Honey A says:

i am 1 year in a Genesis mining contract now. Bought $6800 worth of hashing power for Ether, Dash and Monero. I can tell you first hand the payouts are always missing and are so little that I will be lucky to get 10% of my initial investment back. Although genesis might not look like a scam but it is. I fell into same bullcrap Marco Streng was speaking, hes a good salesman and has got to know that the people who invest in Genesis will never see any profit. When my contract is over I will gladly post my user id and password and everyone can log on see for themselves what kind of scam it is.

Nick Peters says:

The U.S. is a hard nut to crack. Another mining pool looked into setting up in the U.S, but couldn't get agreement/acceptance of crypto mining in their country. End result, focussed on Europe/Asia instead.

Mid-Long term, Genesis and others that operate in the U.S, will probably have to find other host countries. Not a scam, just tougher business rules.

D B says:

Sunny, you are horrible at picking your battles. You cant win bashing Boxmining or Doug polk,etc. I notice you're very quick to judge other youtubers without all the facts or very little knowledge. Stick to crypto bro, this isn't the rap game, there is no need for beef in crypto. People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

A65468970894 says:

I still don't understand, why they aren't just mining for themselves?…. This makes me suspicious.

David Shaw says:

Why don't you just ask Boxmining about the deleting of his video?

BLACK05GO1 says:

This only affects South Carolina customers (they can only log in but not buy). Genesis will work with officials in South Carolina to correct the issue.

Mark Ole says:

cryptos are scam, no wonder the SEC issues cease and desist orders for selling unregistered securities

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