Genesis Mining Cease and Desist! Is it over??

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Genesis Mining received a cease and desist order today, March 12th, from South Carolina. This is the 2nd major c&d the state of south carolina has sent out this year, the first one being to Bitconnect. Will Hashflare be next?



FACTS ON FACTS. I appreciate you Vincent.

Kyo Kurosagi says:

Anyone from South Carolina, you guys need to check this. It is a bad news for you.

Anyone from other than South Carolina, everything is good as usual.

worldytrader says:

I agree with that people should stay as a from cloud mining contracts. I have invested in Genenis Mining over two years ago. This was before I knew any better. It is better to invest in BTC and other certain cryptos and hold for the long term. Unless you are a trader they trade the market as you see fit. With cloud money you basically get back what you invested in the first place you don't make any profits.

frdrcklim says:

Actually, there is some sense to cloud mining when you factor electricity. Not everyone has cheap electricity. GPU prices are also through the roof. So in that case, there is some sense.

Paulo Santos says:

Go to speak in coffee….

BLACK05GO1 says:

The ONLY affects South Carolina customers. Genesis will work with South Carolina officials to resolve this issue. All customers outside South Carolina will not be affected.


Actually does make a lot of sense to them to lease their purchased equipment when they expand on borrowed money. However I do agree with you that it is not profitable to people who sign a contracts, it is a one way deal good for mining companies, bad for investors. I put money in few of them just for test and none of them made me more compare to buy cryptos in first place.

Digit Coinz says:

Vincent, if I am not mistaken, it was North Carolina (not South Carolina) that issued a Cease and Desist to BitConnect.

mrdave2112 says:

Is there a difference between bitconnect or bitcoin? They both make their virtual currency and people invest with hopes of making more money than they put in. where is this extra money suppose to come from?

LittlePaws says:


CoinData Center says:

Stop blaming others for your actions!

CoinData Center says:

If these same guys had informed you of something good you would be so happy. I believe you should think for yourself and with all the information you can get on the Internet if you are too lazy to study and make an informed decision on whether to participate or not. You deserve to lose because you have access to information.

CoinData Center says:

Referring is good and all that do not believe in referrals are fools. If I refer something to you then you should study and if you like do it. But if you can not afford to eat then you need to buy a fishing pole instead of a coin.

Geoffrey Tipy says:

A Very Naive Review. Takes a Rig 6-8 Months to get ROI. Cloud mining was and is a way to receive Fiat for mining, rather than create coins and try to sell them.

Matt Anderson says:

Martin skhrelli actually got found guilty and is doing 7 years for that sec probe.

Georgi Minkov says:

Nice WP site but put http to https redirect and fix the fa-icons 😉

Georgi Minkov says:

True! Even on-premises mining is hardly profitable if dont invest near 5-6k$

jimmey dean hiya says:

what would the I.R.S. find with you vincent?

DividedShark says:

Still think Bitconnect was a ponzi? This is what the government will do to keep you down.

thedlink says:

you got fat Vinc on thumbnail 😀 better start practising brah!

Eric Klein says:

all those cloud mining schemes are bs

Edgar Hernandez says:

Your a fucking idiot for putting Bitconnect with Genesis Mining. Apparently you didn't do your research before making this video

Crypto Crew says:

Nice work….. You got it. Websites are not just websites they are channels….. We need to program them!

kingofallcrypto says:

Weren't you pimping Dash? Don't remember if it was you or some other clown like you.

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