Genesis Mining Bitcoin Contracts Are FINALLY Back In Stock! (Get Them Before It’s Too Late)

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CryptoNick says:

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Use code "cZfGba" and get 3% off every purchase on Genesis Mining!

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Kurdish Investor says:


moises dominguez says:


Chinyere Chukwu says:

Awesome video. I tried to buy some but it looks like it's closed again. I hope I win some btc soon.

Hm Tay says:

Thanks Nick! Got the 3% for Genesis 🙂


Tim Fagan says:

I'm new to the whole crypto world. Bought some LTC about a month ago. My account is with Coinbase. Am I eligible to receive the $100 giveaway?

Kanaan Musa says:

Unfortunately I am seeing this video today (November 16) and I am guessing all of the contracts are out of stock since they are not there anymore. Any idea when they will have some new contracts in? Thanks!

Kanaan Musa says:

Thanks for all of the insight and info man I have learned a lot from your channel and I do appreciate it!

Lee Alexander says:

Keep it up!

Fred Romero-Camacho says:

which coin would you say is most profitable to mine?

Muhamad Anas says:

great video…very informative

al re says:


what's up!

Chantal says:

Great Video's!! Keep on going.

Richard Tipple says:

Great video Nick, didn't realise the ROI was so good! 1LeLNyVUFfuHmLxjdDXuR9rwYKCA7WhANr

Video of the world says:

love you nick
btc 1BQth6vev6yuKw2jrq85hQFgZmWw6chmMf

Andre Jørgen Ugland says:

Thanks BTC: 1LGQCa4nE3gPb99ASpMhTbas4hudVBJxPT

TurboSpool says:

they already sold out?

Jim Black says:

Thank you bro, very nice video. You are a great youtuber. Keep making great video. Love from Haiti.

Rafael Silva says:

one day i will do it


Vikram Kumar says:

Thanks for sharing…


Eduardo Ramirez says:

Great videos as always!

vmust watch says:

thanks for video

Andreas Schmidt says:

Hi Nick !

Thanks a lot for this video !
Nice and smart Performance about Bitcoin at Genisis Mining.
I`ve waited for Bitcoin Mining at Genesis as it sold out a few months ago.

I personally bought just a 1 TH /s Mine and upgrade it at March 2018.
Besides, all my money is tied up for a very long time without any profit.

Hope the prices for larger TH /s is decreasing on the basis of bitcoin mining
difficulty 2018 and competition to other companies.

I have directly noticed that you do not want to advertise like many other people
but really have a clue. That's why I subscribed to you directly and you get
more than a thumbs up. Would be glad to hear something from you soon.

See ya

Matt Cooke says:

Thanks for the video! 19gmWVEGW8fu924n64iPTm7e1w3MfKtTur

Fabian Martinez says:

Hey what's up crypto Nick I'm a new subscriber to your channel. I was wondering if you can private message me. I want to invest in lots of hash but I would like to ask some questions. Thanks

Oleksii Soboliev says:

Thanks Nick

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