FutureNet Scam? Yes It Is In My Opinion!

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Click the following link to check my facts on the FutureNet Scam: http://ethanvanderbuilt.com/2016/04/25/futurenet-scam-yes-opinion/

In the world of money making scams there have been many social networks that have been presented as ways to make money just by participating in the social network. In most cases they end up being recruiting scams that offer little value. You pay a fee and then you get others to pay a fee in a matrix (pyramid) of recruited people. My subscribers have requested that I take a look into FutureNet. Here is what I have found.


big white guru says:

global choice scam?

adu1991 says:

I really like the videos that you put out. More people need to be informed about these MLM scams.

Could you review "Unicity"?

Yoggy Arts says:

A Polish guy called Roman that's untrustworthy? Who would have thought…
I'm sorry but this sounds like a bad local joke. Mr Roman (that name sounds so much better pronounced in English…) doesn't even have a proper company building, just a house in Poznan with some company branding on it.

Dimentio says:

I am curious Mr. Vanderbuilt…are you aware that people have claimed to "expose" you and say that you are a scam artist yourself??? If you are aware , what do you have to say to them? I personally do not believe the things they have said because it simply is not logical. I would hope you could address this, or respond! Best regards!

sebastien delva says:

what do you think about drop shipping (Ecommerce)?

Kamar Brown says:

I'd like u to do a video about it

Kamar Brown says:

I'd like u To tell me what u think about enviralizer

DannyLlerenaTV says:

Notice that whenever someone criticizes one of these scams, the followers of said scams always resort to using straw man fallacies(ex: There's a distinct difference between an MLM and Pyramid scheme etc etc etc,) or Ad Hominem attacks(Ex: YOU'RE SO IGNORANT, LOT'S OF MISINFORMATION DO YOUR RESEARCH). It's like yeah, nice way of completely missing the point. People could CARE LESS if the business is legitimate or not, animal agriculture for example is a legitimate business and everyone agree's(whether you're vegetarian, vegan or omnivore, we all agree its bad) its unethical, so why would a company being a pyramid or MLM matter? The point is that it's unethical and morally wrong either way, because you're exploiting your friends and family and it's just a bad investment all together…. Also, just saying, "Doing research" is why people don't want to join these things…. No one who is properly informed falls for these, and the last thing someone who is actually really successful wants to do is share "Their Secrets to success" with people.

Frandaf Frank says:

can you suggest me a real online marketing platform I hope to hear from you soon thanks

Hamit Olgun says:

Do a video on Sam Ovens. Hes a new breed and I wanted to know if hes legit or actually a scam.

Efe Sencer says:

Hey Ethan, will you make videos for trafficnetworkads , myadsino, cryp.trade, ethtrade, Thank you.

westwood123x says:

I have a new or an old thing.  I receive this e-mail due to me searching for jobs.  The e-mail is from a Mathew Webster talking about Consulting.  I am thinking it is how to be a job shopper or work as a contractor.  I receive the website and it is Sam Ovens talking about starting a consulting business.  And it says to reserve a seat for the webinar.  Is said  to myself it seems like attraction marketing.  I was wondering if you knew of Sam Ovens.

Teresa de Freitas says:

Is Jen Sincero a scam?
I know she is new age, law of attraction and all that stuff…..

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