FutureNet Matrix Best Explanation

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marouane maimoun says:

My friend please send me code futurenet 10 FND PLEASE

Anthimos Papaloukas says:

You could join me for any further help you need about the matrix papalu3.fn.xyz

Neil Zhu says:

hi quick question, for the Matrix, I am not a strong promoter yet, still working on it. According to your video, I should at least get the Exclusive 100FND package, so that my position in the matrix is secured. Even I haven't got any people to register through my referral link yet, I will still get someone below me, aka I will be their sponsor. Because I did register Futurenet through any referral link, however, I still have a sponsor, seems the system automatic assigned me one. Please help me understand this, I am kind confused here. thank you very much.

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