FutureNet is dead! FutureAdPro 2.0! My opinion

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What is going on with FutrureNet? How AdPro 2.0 is working? Check my opinion in video.

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wendskie1 says:

I feel like they are going to close down futureadpro. Its sad that i also bought some adpacks to them 🙁 i hope they are going to give us back our investments

Gee Will says:

futureadpro is a joke. the new change sucks. commissions coming very slow i don't know why.. so you see this change sucks people..

777newworldlove says:

Hi, I have 138 Adpacks and I'm hardly earning more than $1.00 per day!! I have a Coindeal account but it still isn't verified and I have been waiting since January 019!! It's appalling how FutureNet are treating Adpro customers. Do you know when we can use Netteller to withdraw our money to a bank account??? Thank you.

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