FutureNet & FutureAdPro 2 0 | Review & Updates

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There haven’t been many reviews or updates on FutureNet or FutureAdPro 2.0 since it’s launch in early February, there’s been lots of kinks to work out and of course whenever there is THAT, people tend to go negative…I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt due to the enormity of the task of moving 4 million plus users to an entirely new built-from-scratch platform.
My feeling is…If they wanted to just ‘run off’ with your money, they’d have done it by now,
We’ve all heard of the term pump n dump…THIS is NOT that!

…when all is said and done, this is why I shy away from MLM’s in favor of affiliate marketing,
So what IS affiliate marketing you ask? : )

I give you the simple answer: It’s promoting or reselling a product/course/service someone else has created for a commission. Why would they do that? To expand their reach with YOUR help and why wouldn’t they and YOU want that?

I’ll be reviewing eLearning digital products and tools you’ll likely want/need to get started…

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Cole Kim says:

Don’t be so naive .. this ponzi scam is done. Thank god it’s done! Everyone sick of clicking ads for nothing.

Petrus Petersen says:

i have lost all my money and friends due to these MF people. they are robing poor people

Petrus Petersen says:

these people are scamming you guys. dont be fooled

laxmi pradhan says:

No registrar on it .it scam

Clinton F says:

I can't withdraw or place a new ad. Hopefully they get back up to speed as the site is useless at the moment. But on a positive note, if you need a drone on Korea it's all peaches. lol

kiko kaka says:

whats is going on with the income that we need to resive every day after watching the ads ?

bigpoppa pump says:

If you cant withdrawal money, stop buying adpacks.

bigpoppa pump says:

Havnt been able to withdrawal since feb. Its gone scam.

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