FutureAdpro New Update 2019 Jun, FutureNet कम्पनी बंन्द नहीं हो रही हैं ?

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FutureAdpro New Update 2019 Jun, FutureNet कम्पनी बंन्द नहीं हो रही हैं? Hindi Urdu By #GuptaTube #futurenet2.0 #futureadpro2.0

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Connie飛蝴蝶 says:

FN 2 bosses already left FN , and FN already sold to the others company, n the 2 fucking bosses already took all the members money n go to the hell !! It's true!! N ads pro will not open again!! Don't be fool by FN lol !!

Basant Kumar says:

New update kya hai future net ka , abhi kam start kiya ja sakta hai kya, abhi kaisa chal rha hai , future kaisa rhega

Asghar Khan says:

Sir I have 300$ n my futureadpro nd 71 adpacks I didn't withdraw any amount now I want to sell it. Is there any one n ur team to buy it

Joe P says:

This is a crap company now. Like the others . scamming people. They have Stop paying and gone back on their original commitment . People are finding excuses for them bit I have seen it all the time.They all start like this and then scam run.

junwei cai says:


Chandan Sahoo says:

Paytm withdrawal hai banner app mai

Sanjay Biswal says:

Future net kabse chalu hai sir??

Manoj Kumar Das says:

Be positive


Good Video Supporting #futurenet

Manoj Kumar Das says:

Correct Guptaji

Utkarsh tube says:

Nice video sir ji

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