FutureAdPro – My honest opinion about FutureAdPro Updates

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FutureAdPro – My honest opinion about FutureAdPro Updates.
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Gee Will says:

what's up with us members redeem fnd is imposible with coindeal not available to us..

joe perry says:

Awesome I Love FutureNet Thank you

StephanS says:

Hi Edward, good video and good opinions. And I like your honesty too.

Now after reading the pdfs and watching many youtube videos I still have 3 issues and hopefully you can support.

Before Jan 15 you could easy buy new adpacks by using FNDs from the online account which were created by watching the ads every day. Now, besides using FTOs or codes, you need to make redemption of FND vouchers but that doesn't work in my case. I heard that may only work every 7th, 17th and 27th each month but is this correct? Or is his related to having my account not paired with coindeal yet because I'm waiting for coindeal since 10 days now?

The second issue is not knowing the meaning of that "red-colored reverse timer" which I see when I want to buy adpacks or adviews. My "Total FND Vouchers" are on 215, the "available bought FND Vouchers" is on zero. What happens when that timer reaches 0 seconds? Will my FND vouchers be gone or blocked from redemption?

Then the third issue: What's the meaning of "available bought FND Vouchers" anyway? Will that be the useful FNDs to buy adpacks or adviews after redemption of my vouchers?

Most likely other people here have the same issues. I'm glad for any comments. Thanks.

Albert Hien says:

Nice, but as I joined one month ago and need time to understand well the platform marketing plan. This video helps me to learn more about future adpro

Gary Ablett says:

This shit could have been condensed into 5 mins. Your dribbling on!….And yes….you were in a different position….If people invest thousands of pounds and get messed about they arnt going to be happy.

Tarik Saadaoui says:

Everyone is looking toward the matrix, because they see the 1M $ , but with the New Business model of Futureadpro, there is more than one M $ , let say you bring in 5 ppl and those bring 25 ppl and so on , in less than a year you have over 2M ppl , you can do the Math and see what Potential this structure has . Its not easy but its reacheable.

ssae68 says:

I would like to learn more about this opportunity

Pakistan Zindaabad says:

Bakwas version first version was Good

taliesinsat says:

thank you Edward, this is nice I wonder if you understand the way to use coindeal to put money on futureadpro, and to widraw from it, I had neteller and knew how to use it, but coindealI I dort understand, if you have anything to say, I will be very thankfull

Nenad G says:

From what? 3:16

Orion Zeen says:

At last someone with a clear information, but some options are not working, like for example : the deadline about FN redemption, I have this impression that The system isn't complete yet.

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