FutureAdPro – Income proof – March 2019

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FutureAdPro – Income proof – March 2019
Have you been thinking of using Youtube to grow your business
but you’re not sure where to start and you’re scared of wasting time on the wrong steps? Let me help you! I’ll show you the right steps on how to setup and grow your channel quickly get your first 100 subs and a lot more views, subscribers and leads for you business: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-1_on9jnaBk&list=PL9w93Kbak9Rf5dGgXPQrO4yRpNQeW1ICY

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Virgo 1976 says:

In two weeks I have got .015 dollars. I am afraid now was it scam or not

Kevin Waugh says:

2.0 is just confusion the base platform was better all they had to do was upgraded that and we all would be fine simple as that. Verification doesnot even work its a pain in the ass to do so

D Jankowiak says:

I am wander if you still recommend future addpro. Latest commisions only 0.01, no possibility to register new members and all pay outs on hold.

Vertus vouge says:

what amount will the advertising package earn ($50 or 10$)
Each advertising package earns 120% of its value. For a $50 package,it"s $60 in about 120 days, a $10 package earns$12 in about 150 days. The time adpacks earning is not constant and may be longer due to reasons such as regularly watchied ads or technical work on the platform.

Thierry Meert says:

If redeem my status (waiting for you, not confirmating from you) is this normal?

adrian bilei says:

2019 is a complete disaster. I got less than 20 FND per day with 400 packs. Yesterday I got 4 and today 2 FND. Terible. After 1 year I can't wait to get out…

Nathaniel Masithela -Streams Of online Income says:

Hi hopefully you can help, I have been waiting for my payment for 5 working days now, but the status in my back office says "Finished" but it has not reflected in my coindeal bitcoin wallet is that normal

Krystian Lejowski says:

Good Video, Good information. Business is working all the time, many people have grudges and complains, but business is business, and problems happen in business.
Everyone starting to operate in the Company must treat it as creating their own business, it is not a full-time job where we always have the same rate every month.
When building a business, we can earn a lot of money, but it depends only on our commitment, people who do not understand it complain.
I believe in FutureNet, we have been cooperating for over 2 years and we will be cooperating for the next years!

Bachan Limbu says:

Commission is loosing everyday what’s the reason ?

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