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adrian bilei says:

Collin, did you lose any money cos i lost 5000 dollars, not to mention 1000 dollars transaction was closed on Redemption but money was never transferred to my coin deal account. They were messing with updates on 2019. Sent a lot of emails but never get an answer.

Nenad G says:

Im involved with a program that does all the telling and "selling" about FutureAdPro. There is a 47$ monthly subscription for it and they also have a referral program. You earn 100% commissions residually each month from paying members. If you are interested let me know and I will give you some more details.
If you come in my team I will refund the money back to you after you subscribe, because I want to help you and also I will promote your own link as soon as you get at least 2 paying members in your team!

Jules LeTenia says:

Thanks for the video and nice content. At what point did you start pulling out profits to recoup your initial investment? And second question, how exactly do you cash out? Thanks for your feedback…

Extra arm says:

I just joing the futurenet .how can i earn money

marouane maimoun says:

My brother plz send my code 10 $


im at 40 bro. getting there….

Momo XD says:

Great video colin. Im planning on buying 13 adpacks at once when i start and then maybe purchase 1 or 2 adpacks a week until this time next year 🙂 Does that sound like a good plan?

Don Fran says:

Hi Colin, does this Co. pay 7 days a week or 5 days a week?

Striker Burns says:

Can you tell me what FND means at the end of my earnongs amount?

Phil Laimon says:

Can't you put that feature on Auto rather than manually doing it?

lian kirmag says:

How much can i get from each adpack now?

SVP says:

Is there any way for me to talk with you?

SVP says:

Can't be that easy

كله تقنية says:

what makes u trust this company more and more ??
which strategy you use in adpacks are u withdraw sometimes !?!?

كله تقنية says:

i dont know actually how to start and am from africa teh dollar is high to us compared to our damaged currency best start to get payed after 2 months for example during your experiences !?!?

Said Bakri says:

hi how did you use you expired ad packs to repearchase new adspaks thank you to clarify this for us

Tauseef Jan says:

How much life of 1 ads pack ?

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