Future Adpro Adpack Building

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Dawid Ilów says:

One of the most clearly videos about the adpacks. You can find more info about bussines here: http://dawidilow.infosystem.me

Falcon Sam says:

confusing video ever seen

Reinette Du Rand says:

so why is the amount less and less?….I got 28c today. In a few months it will be 1c. Can you trust this? Is it worth it?

Aneta Rosa says:

Hi S Austin
I like what I am seeing. If I choose you for my sponsor will you help me out with the program and guide me in the right direction?

Karen Rae Doll says:

In the beginning of the presentation you said make money with no money out of pocket. I'm not being rude, I just don't understand.

Saurav Sitoula says:

if i have 1 adpack i earn 0.48$ per day and the adpack will expire in approx 120 days giving me 10$ profit.It means that in 120 days 50$ gets converted to 60$ giving me 10$ profit so your calculation is completly wrong

Marcos Quiroz says:

what if i dont have a business to promote how will i go about making money with the ad packs?

Abu Farid Abdurrauf says:

Please, am still waiting for your leverage secrets after I got to 10adpacks .

Abu Farid Abdurrauf says:

My sponsor is simonifeco

Abu Farid Abdurrauf says:

Am interested in ur vedio,it is fantastics, pls am just joining, already I was with trafficmonsoon before they had there problem with SECand Paypal, pls. I love u to give me the leverage stuff after getting to 10adpcks. my email address is abufaridabdurrauf@gmail.com

Stephen Daley says:

is it not 0.45 cents to 0.50 cents a day now what you make on a $50  pack now or am I wrong

Johnny Boy says:

Great video dude!I have one question!You buy an adpack and then it gives you money everyday till it matures at 120%..after that it doesnt give you any money right?And if so does it leaves from you adpacks or it stays there(meaning its useless after this time but stays there doing nothing)?

Janos Wimmer says:

one 50 usd adpack gives you back 50p per day

Richard Jenkins says:

I started to follow this. You need about 15-16 adpacks probably to earn $50 a week. Once I hit that level I wont put anymore money in unless my other business is giving me extra money.

miriam torres says:

very helpful thank you!!!!

kyo9111 says:

not good i think 1adpack give 1 dollar perday

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