Free Facebook Traffic = $234,000 Per Day – With AI – Make Money Online!

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Facebook Traffic Reach + curated ai content is a match made in heaven and today we are looking at HUGE business’ that are doing this model and posting content on facebook and gettting paid in the facebook bonus program, affiliate offers, and many other ways.

facebook pages can be a great way to make money online

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REMEMBER: watching this training is in NO WAY saying you will earn any money. there is a lot of work involved and marcus has been at this for over 25 years… but what you can expect is real world information on how he runs his business and how he has helped others do the same.


@Publisher1023 says:

please add me to join your group.

@Publisher1023 says:

I feel proud to see your video and also want to join your group.

@montanadivacreations9267 says:

so do viral riddle videos that are hawked on YT do well on FB?

@Jenk-Films says:

Not super simple… these pages have been around for 10-15 years and have multiple contract workers creating content for them. I used to work for one of them. This guy is making it seem like you flick your finger and 200k is in your bank the next day. These pages are real businesses, not some Get rich quick hustle.

@Jenk-Films says:

bruh!!! STFU!!!! no way anyone is making $234,000 Per Day on FACEBOOK for free….enough with the clickbait titles

@rebeccamiller8772 says:

What about Facebook group monetization? Trying to figure out if there is way 🙂

@builderpj says:

When I see all of these massive pages with millions of followers, it's like watching tiger woods play golf and then thinking I can compete with him

@jakirhossain6165 says:

How many you earn a day?

@montecoates4313 says:

Another great video,Marcus !

@gbrom7733 says:

As always very good info!

@thisiswhyweclean.cleanpro says:

thank you so so very much!

@wardzre7783 says:

Thank you so much Marcus ….. Go on dude you're appreciated

@daddydoo5644 says:

Marcus I pray that you Will be Blessed more by the Creator of Heaven and Earth..
Great job posting this video, You have a Great way about you, around you, and coming your way. I would love to have 2 minutes of your time…

@OliviasWorldOfTech says:

Thank you for providing such valuable insights in this video. I purchased your course on meme profits and discovered that the Facebook bonus program is not available in my country. While I understand there are other ways to monetize this, it's something others should be aware of. I have access to ads on reels, but the earnings are relatively low.

@DG-01 says:

Hey Marcus, I believe you have some haters that because you’re giving away a lot of valuable information in this because I actually watch your videos and although I have not successfully done anything yet I also have not put my all into it so I cannot blame you for that, but I know that other people that I have sent to your channel have been successful with your information And they thank me all the time , I’m tired of seeing these haters saying things that don’t make sense before even watching your videos. That’s why I believe that they’re planting information on here to try to steer people away. Because if they do watch the information and still leave that type of comment, they have to be.

@skytechbits says:

Facebook and even LinkedIn put a bunch of ads and videos on our pages. Okay I just now went into one of my FB pages. I found that FB forces those pages (Meme and Lady Pandas) on other people's pages. I had a bunch of them there so that is how they are being spread around on FB. If FB likes them they will spread them around to other pages all over FB. It won't matter what I put on my page because all of those other pages are being forced onto my page like a long newsreel. I can't delete any of them either. I can click on the X or choose hide but they come back. It is an endless amount of memes, etc. forever on my page. FB controls what people will find on any page. When you click on the X you receive "Hidden Hiding posts helps Facebook personalize your Feed" and then more are posted. Engagement is forced by FB and then the users agree by clicking on the smiley and post comments.

@anthonyparker3482 says:

Facebook?? I personally have had the most difficult time using it. Seems to be a site where other people can get in and post their things under your name. A complete and total nightmare. Is there an alternative to Facebook using the same technique, Marcus?

@Mike-dg1hh says:

You, sir, are the Braniac-5 of this industry.

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