Fort Ad Pays Review English – OLD Calculator – How much can you make?

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how much can you make


barsum termo says:

pliz. what is the actual rate of earning of fortadpays??? thank you.

khalil rahouni says:

hey sir thanx for the video i don know why when i put 100dolar in the calculator they give me a different data
the percentage that fort add pays give us is it 2% par day ?

Bob Parsons says:

Logan – thanks. I was making good money with mpa and then it went down as you know. so now here we are again. I was not withdrawing anywheres near $100/day but now I am not even going to promote fap until we see if it will last. Did you know the owner of fap was also with that scam Unetenet?

Bob Parsons says:

from $3200/day to $1000/day to $100/day to $300 per week. what good is a calculator if they cant pay. whats next? $0.00 per day?

Inmuebles Peru y USA says:

great video Logan! could you send to me the calculator thanks…

Paul Marty says:

do they accept payza?

BoostYourIncome says:

Great vid. I would be great full if you can send me the calculator.
Thank you in advance

Jim Olsen says:

Do you have a video how to make an add in FortAd?

frogz 84 (manchester man) says:

can you please send me the calculator thanks

marcelo rocha pereira says:

Não entendo nada cadê um vídeo em português

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