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Davide A. says: i suggest this earn every 15 30 45 or 60 minutes up to 5% daily!

D Unit says:

Hey Mike, really enjoy your videos! Watched a few of them.
I came across your page when I followed an advert from Fort Ad Pays to coince and did some coince research.
Well, I was wondering what you think about beonpush.
I started investing there a few months ago and its going great. So what do you think?

Day Trader says:

Webworth says is worth $50, what crap is that…Also says MMM Global is worth 2Million dollors. I don't believe in your methods of analysing these websites.

la troisième guerre says:

hi mike i wanna ask you of hashocean what you thank ?

Nicholas Jones says:

this is a helpful video thanks

Leks Global says:

Maturity is $1 to $1.20 no longer $1 to $2.20.

Shahin Slam says:

Hello Mike
Fantastic video, indeed I have learned a lot from this video and particularly from your review on the legitimacy of the 'Coince' video. Thank you.

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