Fort Ad Pays – Current Situation – April 11, 2016

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Fort Ad pays review and update (make sure your sponsor is 120576 – colinb)

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Kathryn Roberts says:

Really, several months already?
That would explain why I didn't notice it… it was in Spanish.
I know someone that was working on setting up a NEW processor several years ago and there is A Lot that goes into one.
I have begun to strictly use Bitcoin for deposits and funding of this kind of stuff.

Kathryn Roberts says:

Hey Logan… have you herd anything about the "6 Month" PAYZA Freeze??

Etty Elisa Talauega says:

I tried to sign up but it all came in another language. I need someone closer to help me please

Oomeysh kz says:

ncie one my bro, ur doign grt

Steven Squillace says:

Great Information Logan !
All that I can hope for now is that FAP will regain it's momentum.

Ford Zan says:

i am new with fap . Give me your skype id logan , wanna work with you

localservicestoday says:

Thank you Logan for your words of wisdom. Great explanation.

Stuart Grunert says:

great video Logan

Mainak Das says:

You know I was laughing today. I accepted a Friend Request and BAM, I got slammed with a FREAKING LINK. Can you believe it? Of course you can. By the way, I like the way you think. It is refreshing. I love those videos of STRATEGY SERIES. those were great. Thanks Logan.
O and don't worry about Reply. I can control my Expectation.

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