Fort Ad Pay – Life after FAP???

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Fort Ad pays. Today i share my last video and thoughts on FAP.

i won’t be promoting this program anymore. I give my reason why and what I focus on doing.


Wayne Meyer says:

Starting a real business is the only way to earn income on autopilot, Contact me if you would like to start a real business from scratch. I help individuals get off the ground and get started in the perfect business that will prove a solid ROI.

Anetch Hrak7 says:

Is Fort Ad Pays still active? If so how are withdrawals made please?

Taylor Florence says:

Do not join Fort Ad Pays. I had over 4400 Ad packs and now they took all that away. Now I have 0 Active / Completed / Expired / Total Packs. All my packs went to 0 and my membership status changed to "Unpaid". WTF is going on with FAP? All rev shares are starting to look like scams.

Prakash Gangurde says:

can you tell me something abount new 2 program which are currently doing

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